On our roadmap

Greetings former and future denizens of Agon.

This week we are going to clarify some points regarding the time frame to be expected for New Dawn various steps.

As an opening point, we want to point out our “New Dawn in a Nutshell” page.
This is a tl;dr of the entire project, one that we try to keep updated as things progress. We’ve had it for months now, but it seems not enough are aware of it. This should be a quick read that will provide sufficient background to understand the overall goals of this project.

Back on topic, an important disclaimer is that as of now, any estimates we make are just that, estimates. Many factor will come into play, ranging from source code complexity to budget.

We expect an initial period of technical audit where we’ll study the code base and experiment with small changes to test out our ability to patch the game. We expect to have a good idea of our velocity after 2 to 3 months with the sources and we’ll readjust our estimates then.

We plan to work on character progression and economy changes early on so that we can balance them and have a stable virtual world. Once all these changes have been tested, we will wipe the InDev server and launch the Live servers
We expect this to happen around the 9 months mark.

We will then carry on implementing the PvE and PvP features illustrated on this website. We expect the overall task list to take 1 year to 1.5 year to complete, starting with the InDev server.

This also means that we have the intent to maintain the game over the long term and have already planned expansions. Our goal is sustained longevity and we will work hard to make Darkfall be the game the player base hoped it would become.

As always, we are still in the design phase and now is the time to submit input and feedback. We’ve already had many constructive discussions and suggestions, and are always keen to hear more from you guys.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week.
Link to discussion thread.