Licensing acquired and short term plans

Greetings former and future denizens of Agon,

Today, we have some exciting news: Darkfall Online is officially coming back!

We have signed the licensing contract and we will soon have the source code in hands.
New Dawn is happening and will open as early as possible.

If you are new to Darkfall, to New Dawn, or only paying attention now that the deal is sealed, you can read up on our plans on our “What is Darkfall: New Dawn” page, read a bullet point list of all planned changes on our “New Dawn in a Nutshell” page or simply follow the guided tour we’ve prepared for former Darkfall players.

In short, New Dawn’s planned selling points are:
– Creating a meaningful virtual world through working economy and alignment systems. Read more.
– Fixing the power gap and resolving the “grind”. Read more.
– Adding engaging daily activities, both in PvE and in PvP. Read more.
– Providing a more varied meta-game through the Title System. Read more.

As you can see, the main focus will be addressing Darkfall’s issues and reinforce its strong points, combining the original dreams with what ended up working well in the final implementation. We’ll continue actively expanding the game for the years to come.

So, what now?
Well, last week we talked about medium to long term time frames, today we’ll talk about the short term next steps:

We will first audit and analyze the code base and make a few modifications. We expect this phase to last from a few weeks to a couple months. We’ll be thorough as we don’t want to take any chances and will keep the community posted weekly, as usual.

We will open our store and announce a server opening date only once we are certain that we have a working product to sell. You can already read up on our business model.

There will be a three weeks long public stress test phase.
This will be free and open to all, we want to collect as many metrics as possible and catch server issues before New Dawn becomes a paying product.Its purpose is also to let players experience the game again as soon as possible.

At the end of the stress test, world and characters will carry over to the InDev Server.
The InDev server will start as a vanilla version of Darkfall as it was in 2012, As we consider DF 2012 to be incomplete, it will be at the reduced subscription price of 10€.

Please note that this world will be wiped for the release of the Live server.
That is why it will retain an increased leveling speed and loot drops so that players can get straight into action and enjoy end game activities while we solve known exploits and other economy/player progression issues.

For the Live launch, we’ll move our hardware as close as possible to the player base’s center of mass to reduce latency issues for most.

Our entire methodology is designed to gather metrics and feedback from our players and to keep plans transparent. We consider it is important to show a long term vision that early adopters can make an educated decision on. We hope to engage our community and live through this adventure together, and it means involving everyone in the process.

To that end, you will find that we are very responsive and interact daily on the forums and have a thorough FAQ page and weekly updates history.
Please do feel free to comment on any past updates and discussions and share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this adventure, and wish to see you very soon in Agon.

Link to discussion thread.