Road to release #4

Greetings former and future denizens of Agon.

As you have most likely noticed, this week we have a small bit of footage.
The devs wanted to show their progress and did it on their spare time, and none of them have experience with video editing, so please be lenient.
We’ll try to do more as we implement our first few new features and explain them with in game footage.

Anyway, on to our progress report: We’re making progress, but this week we uncovered our first issues with the source code.

What we have done:

  • Creating scripts to setup in game environment and creating characters for our QA needs.
  • Spent a lot of time getting the servers to compile in their release mode.
  • InDev architecture configuration is still work in progress. But having release mode servers was the first step.
  • Compiled client in release mode. We gained x5 FPS from our previous debug mode.
  • We have uncovered issues with packaging the client in deployable mode, we are working on it. This is necessary to distribute it to you guys.
  • We uncovered random client side crashes related to projectiles. That laugh in the video is because the dev crashed when attacked, but we cut the swearing.
  • We have started playing around with the world builder. The goal is to map its features and see what we can improve for our future Content team.
  • We got to notice how rusty we’ve become at the game and threw away most of our footage. Soon you’ll feel the same pain.

What’s next:

  • Our refactor team has started work on migrating from dx9 to dx11. This will take months, but we’ve mapped out what we needed to do.
  • Similarly, we are working on upgrading to a more recent version of Java. This will also take months. But both should improve performances.
  • We are still trying to scout and clean up what we need and don’t need from what was delivered to us. Every day we discover something new.
  • We have fleshed out internally our first few patches, now we’ll start implementing them.
  • We still need to work on the client packaging and stability. We need time to QA and fix the issues we’ve spotted before any form of release.
  • We need to spend some time working on our bindings and practice PvP to not suck for the next videos.

In short, we’ve been making progress, but also having issues.
The good news is that on the server side, we are making headway and the InDev server should be up soon for us to test internally. The bad news is that we are worried about the client’s stability. We could reproduce our projectile related crash and we are investigating it, but there may be more. This could be related to our packaging issues, but at this point, we cannot confirm either way. The point of the public stress test will be to test the servers, so we need to make sure most of the time doesn’t get wasted on client issues.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s content. See you next week.
In the meantime, here is a link to a side by side interview for RoA and New Dawn: New Dawn – Rise of Agon – Side by side interview

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