Patch 1 preliminary notes

Greetings former and future denizens of Agon.

This week, we’ll go over what we have validated through our QA process up until now.
It isn’t everything we’ve done, but what you can be sure will make it for the release of the stress test.
We’ll have a much more detailed patch notes once we open up the doors.

Interface improvements:

  • Changed default bindings to something more sensible.
  • Default interface layout is no longer random when first connecting and is now cleaner.
  • Vital stats window can be resized and has more display options.
  • Hotbar slots can now have a weapons + shield + default ability assigned.
  • Hotbar slots can be set to auto cast.
  • Most of the weapons bar features validated.
  • Client side persistence is saved more accurately.
  • Clicking ok on UI windows closes them even if there were no changes. (best change on the list)

Performances improvements:

  • Upgraded both client and servers to newer version of compilers.
  • Upgraded many dependencies to their latest versions.
  • Improved audio engine to load sounds asynchronously.

Combat tweaks:

  • Made jump casting baseline for all magic spells.
  • Made jump shooting and under water shooting baseline for archery.
  • Buffed racial skills that impact health and mana to +20 from +5.

Anti-grind and power gap reduction:

  • Added the skills that increase vital stats regeneration to all new characters.
  • Disable attribute titles and their quests to prevent players wasting time doing them.
  • Removed all attributes related passive skills.
  • Removed all movement impacting passives and made their effects baseline.
  • Removed carry weight relative passives.
  • Removed resistance related passives.
  • Implemented diminishing returns on Stamina and Mana.
  • Adapted attribute buffs and debuffs to diminishing returns.
  • Meditation points gained from quests.
  • Implemented a loot container to scale loot tables dynamically.

Things have been going smoothly. We are happy with our pace.
The only issue we’ve had is with server side persistence for the duration as a blue player being forgotten in some edge cases. We’re working on it.
We’re also taking our time on the weapons bar interface, and making sure it is as polished as it can be before getting it into player hands.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this global view of our work so far. We are looking forward to see the game being played with our changes and see what you guys make of them.
See you next week!

Link to discussion thread.