First week completed, free testing and peering into the future

Greetings denizens of Agon,

After our first week of stress testing our infrastructure, we felt it would be an interesting time to stop and reflect on what happened and what is to come.
Now that things are a lot less hectic we can start working on our roadmap and focus on where Darkfall: New Dawn needs to be down the road.

Sleep has been in short supply, but it seems like our players have liked what they have seen so far and are ready for more.
These are the patch notes of our updates so far.

We are ourselves surprised by how smooth this launch was compared to our expectations.
This being a niche launch without much exposure, we are pleased by the reception. We do not start as high as AAA releases, but in game activity has consistently been on the rise by 10 to 15% every day and we expect that trend to continue. Comments on the forums are hopeful with players reporting that our changes in alignment and player progression have had positive effects on the way the game is played. People are on board to bring Darkfall to its full potential. Our suggestion forums alone took 4 pages of new suggestions in a week.
The stress test will continue and we’ll keep on doing experiments on the existing architecture. With hotfixes behind us, surviving a DDoS and server stability confirmed, we now feel confident that we have a product to sell.

And for those still on the fence, the game will remain free to try out until the 25th of July. Come check Darkfall out, and let us know what you think.

What we will do in the short term:
What we will do in the medium term:

These are just the beginning of making Darkfall the game it should have become, and we hope you are as excited as us for what is to come.
Of course, we’ll sneak in some surprises here and there, and hopefully there should be a decent rate of additions.

Link to discussion thread.