Free trial extended until the 16th of August

Greetings denizen of Agon,

Over the past few weeks we’ve been very happy with the turn out and we are surprised by how many actually new players are joining us.
We expected the game to be mostly appealing to veterans this early on but it looks like players at large are curious about what Darkfall has to offer. And this is good news and beyond expectations.
We’ve been hard at work improving the interface and reducing the perception of grind, but there is so much more we can do for new players.

In the coming weeks we have planned changes related to the alignment system and reducing the power gap further, and we need completely new players to try them out and provide feedback.
To that end, we decided to extend the free period by 3 weeks until the 16th of August.

We have also activated PayPal as a payment option and we’ll be working on accepting Bitcoin payments before the end of the free period.
For those that have already purchased on the store, do not worry, your subscription will start counting down on the 16th.

Thank you all for the feedback so far and for your support.
See you all in game, and have fun!

Link to discussion thread.