One month already.

Greetings denizen of Agon.

It has been a month already since we opened and it has been a wild ride.
The turn out has been higher than anticipated, especially regarding new players, and the server population has remained stable over the weeks.
We accomplished much more than we expected in this first month thanks to not having much issues with our server launch. We’ve hit a good stride and we intend to grow the team in the coming weeks.
You may read our patch notes so far here.

Now that the first few meaningful anti-grind changes have been made, we have room to touch on more areas of the game.
The idea is to stabilize the gameplay and make good use of all the feedback we’ve received in the past few weeks.

See, we’re using a system of development called continuous delivery, which is why we’ve been doing frequent patches.
This is a great way of always adjusting development goals based on feedback and live data analysis. For instance, we could redirect resources to more new player friendly changes thanks to this rather than over extending in a single large change.
This is going to be the theme for the next month, to add features that are missing, or trying to correct historic bugs that were reported to us

The first step will be to complete Patch 2.
By splitting Patch 2, we’ve been able to analyze our performances upgrades all separately. There is at least one more patch in the cycle, and it should be the most impacting one yet. It should include fixes for the few stuttering issues that have risen so far.

Next we will continue down the line we’ve announced in the past, with some more additions and priority bug fixes:

  • Removing fizzles.
  • Expanding mounts and organic travels:
    • Faster Roads.
    • Packmules.
    • Skill based mount speed.
    • Respawn at houses.
    • Craftable runestones/nexus using portal shards + fuel mechanic.
  • Meditation rebalance.
  • Active abilities sharing levels with other skills.
  • Some clan related improvements.
  • Fixing long lasting bugs.

In other words, targeting all main annoyances before moving on to more new features.
Of course, there may be a few surprises included in our patching process, but these are our stabilization goals.
We aim to keep a high velocity with at least 2 patches per month during InDev, so keep reporting bugs, providing feedback and letting us know what can be improved.

Thank you for your support during this first month, and we hope you are just like us, looking forward to the many more to come.
Good luck and have fun!

Link to discussion thread.