End of open access and patch 3 overview

Greetings denizen of Agon,

As of Tuesday 16th of August, Darkfall: New Dawn now requires purchase to play.
If you wish to play from now on, you will need to purchase one of the packages on our store.

We are extremely pleasantly surprised with the conversion rate from the free active population to the paying active population.
Over the past 24 hours, we have observed only a 20% drop in active online players, consistent over all hours of the day, and purchases are still coming in.
As we’ve shared before, we had around 10-15% alts among the active population, which means a very large portion of the players willing to play Darkfall are also willing to pay for it.
This is a very good news for the future of New Dawn.

Patch 2 is closing to an end, and with Patch 2.5 we should put an end to afk macroing and implement our final performance upgrade.
With an early version of the engagement system, players will lose the ability to gain xp on other players. With our linked skill system, all spells that weren’t organic to use in PvE will share level with a magic school skill or a magic subskill. Combined with an extension of the meditation system, it should take care of both the means and the needs to macro.
Patch 2.5 is scheduled to come next week at the latest.

With that behind us, we’ll finally be able to focus on adding more content to the game and get back to improving the player experience.
The Patch 3 cycle should last until the end of September, and its focus will be on doing second iteration of Patch 1 features

The most important point we would like to improve is getting people out in the world to fight and roam on a daily basis.
To that end, village control points will provide a base amount of meditation points to both the victors and other clans that got involved in the capture. In addition, we’ll implement an early version of reward scaling to encourage bringing in even more players and foster group fights.
With chaos chests and treasure maps also providing meditation, this should allow for non PvE player to have access to offline skilling. And with our  stamina system for mounts feature, people will be able to engage more with the world.

Secondly, we will start working on the interface again.
We pushed ahead the weapons bar on Patch 1 as a proof of concept before pouring too much resources in the interface. With the past few weeks of feedback and feature requests, we know where we want to head and how we can improve the interface even more. We’ll also fix some of the long lasting quality of life issues of the game.

And finally, we’ll start balancing the game by buffing unused weapons and abilities to be on par with the current optimum choices.
From making all weapon types viable to reviewing the reach/hitbox size/cameras of  the various races, our goal is to  get people experimenting with the tools they most likely never have seen used and create a strong foundation for us to build on.  The Great Magic Overhaul will also see its first few changes as we implement diminishing returns for spells as well.
The earlier we tackle these tasks, the more time we’ll have to see the effects and stabilize the game before the end of InDev.

We are living exciting times, and we never expected to be this far ahead at this point, or to have such amazing reception and support from the playerbase.
Thank you all, we’re off to a great start!

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