Free stress test #2 – new pricing model

free stress test #2

15 Nov. – 29 Nov.
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From November 15 through November 29

Come test Spawn Scaling and our New Player Progression Experience.
We have recently implemented Spawn Scaling, one of our top 3 features initially planned for launch. In our opinion, and from the feedback we’ve already gathered, it changes the game to become a much more social and enjoyable experience. It is a considerable milestone but it still needs to be tweaked, and more importantly, be stress tested, which is why we’re opening up the server.
I want to break things
Player progression
One of the major milestone for the release of New Dawn has been reached, spawn scaling is here!
Join us online to test group content and finally feel like Darkfall is an MMORPG.
Our aim so far has been to implement player progression features to form an organic experience:
– Long gone are the days of macroing and bloodwalls, you can now only gain experience when engaged in combat with monsters.
– All utility abilities are now tied to passive skills. Just play normally, and they will level up without grinding.
– Doing high damage to a monster will provide more experience, so you can focus on killing efficiently with high end equipment.
– The more base HP a monster has, the more each hit will give you xp, the efficient way to skill up now is to fight hard.
Be social, the more players are fighting at a spawn, the more loot and the more xp they will gain.
So grab your best gear, as many friends as you have
and go after the larger monsters you feel you can take down!
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New pricing model
We are pleased to announce that the InDev server has been a tremendous success and has already fulfilled its one condition: to pay for itself.
We have now reached a point where it is secured for the remaining months, and then some, so we’d like to reward our supporters.
From the 29th and on, to play InDev, you will just need to have bought the game.
All purchased subscription time is now considered a pre-order and will be granted in full at release.
We’re confident in our velocity, so we can now focus on trying to get as much feedback as possible and get the momentum going to truly test our new features. Anyone that has bought time previously will receive the whole duration, including the bonus release time, and the current early adopter bundles will disappear.
They will remain available until the opening of stress test #2, then we’ll switch to our pre-order pricing model.
Thank you all for your support so far. We are looking forward to the coming months.
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