A new sound for a New Dawn

Greetings denizens of Agon,

As of last patch, we now have our first batch of new music for the game. They will trigger once every 30 minutes whenever entering the NPC cities of the various races.
The music has been composed by the very talented Robert Sandnes, we’ll let him present himself and his work:

My name is Robert Sandnes. I do many different kinds of audio work from my studio, Lydapotheket, which is based among the cold and rainy landscapes of Bergen, Norway. In my earlier days I took a bachelor in games development and entertainment media, and it was during these studies that I started realizing how I wanted to specialize in sound and music. After this, I studied sound engineering, and have since then worked with anything from audio books to metal bands. My favorite kind of work is scoring music for games, and doing sound effects/Foleys. I also have a time consuming passion for analogue synthesizers, and enjoy making industrial/dark electronic music and rock in my spare time. Having played Darkfall since the very start, I am really happy that I can contribute to making a new twist on what has so far been my favorite online game.

Our aim for the music is to keep it mostly ambient but have more weight and personality. Something that players could relate to the city life and spirit of the races they are playing or visiting.

Here is the link to Robert’s soundcloud, so that everyone can listen to all themes.

One of our team members Paul Vincent, as some of you may know as GM Paul, has been working in close relationship with Robert to design the music and serves as our music director.
He has also implemented changes to the existing system, creating new triggers in the audio engine and the world definition. For now the city soundtrack will trigger only once every 30 minutes, to not spam people, and specifically when being in cities.
Later, this system opens up to a great potential evolution as they work on more theme music for various events or areas of the world.

We hope you enjoy listening to these tunes just as much as we do, and have a great weekend.

Link to discussion thread.