PvE Stress Test Event Results

Greetings denizens of Agon,

This Sunday, following a GM supported PvP event, we decided to bring parties involved and all others willing in a peaceful bashing of monsters to test how well they fared under duress. With a first try on lazy goblins, we went after their more capable cousins and the chaos that ensued was not only amazing to behold but also extremely valuable for us.

We thought we should share our point of view from the event with a flyby clip. Even if it isn’t standard practice, we left our voices to show we were having fun, on both side of the fence. Note that the level up flashes are a temporary feature to help us debug, it will be removed before release.

The clip was filmed with the default graphical settings, with shadows on, on these specifications:
– i7-6700k @4.00GHz
– 16gb ram
– GeForce GTX 980

The fight was the equivalent of a medium siege with over 80 players fighting against around 50 monsters.
The player management part of the server barely broke a sweat, but we knew that from previous stress test events where we had more players at the same location.
What worried us going in was the Ai server and the physics server that serves as a bridge between Ai and players. From monitoring the whole evening, going from spawn to spawn we did notice some avenues of improvement.
On the client side, it was rather smooth for many players, understandably lower than normal play but still above 40 fps for the good part. However it appears that the remaining memory leaks have a bigger impact on performances than anticipated. To address this, we’ll redo such events specifically targeted at client side improvements.

One thing we noticed at that scale of fighting is that during the fights only a small amount of the monster army took part in the fighting, and that’s something we should adjust. A potential direction would be having weaker individuals, but more of them involved in the fight. It would help spread the loot better too and make cohabitation/cooperation more necessary.

Thank you all for coming, we hope you had fun. On our end we come out of this thrilled and looking forward to build upon this system.
See you in game!

Link to discussion thread.