Patch 4.1 – tweaks & bugfixes

1) Regeneration tweaks

  • Passive regeneration skills have now been removed and made baseline for all characters:
    • Focus
    • Fitness
    • Endurance
  • Food’s impact on regens has been reduced to be less punishing for new players:
    • Base regens for health and stamina have increased.
    • But food has been lowered to have a combined regen at the same rates as pre-patch.
  • That combined regen has been increased by:
    • Health +5%
    • Mana +10%
    • Stamina +15%
  • Note that armor traits are based on that final number.

2) Tweaks & bugfixes

  • Sidestep’s stamina cost has increased from 7 to 11 stamina.
  • Timed parry stamina drain on the attacker has been doubled, with the minimum being now at 7 stamina.
  • Debuff durations are no longer random.
  • Mount graves can now be damaged by all cannons and siege hammers. They still remain in world until emptied, but we’ll address that in another patch.
  • Trueforge armor and weapons no longer give a flat durability bonus. They now give up to +50% of base durability and wisdom now gives up to +50%.
    • Clan buff should now work again.
    • Invulnerable players can no longer progress a village’s capture.