Media Release 01 : Darkfall: New Dawn – Release date revealed in trailer

Media Release

Darkfall: New Dawn

Release date revealed in trailer

Paris, France

November 22 2017, French startup Ub3rgames released their Darkfall: New Dawn (DND) trailer on their Youtube page and social medias, already adding up to 10,000 views. As of today, the Darkfall community counts more than 18,000 members.

Originally developed by Aventurine in 2009, Darkfall was one of the most highly anticipated MMORPG and left thousands of fans mourning when the server closed in 2012, putting the game to its end.

Since February 2016, Ub3rgames, who took over the old and beloved game, has been working on unleashing a new and revamped version of the MMORPG, under the name Darkfall: New Dawn, targeting both the veterans and new gamers. Currently available on an InDev_ server since June 2016, pre-ordering players can test the game for free until the official launch.

Ub3rgames just released their trailer revealing the official launch date: January 26 2018.
The original game being built on a technology allowing large scale encounters without the need for instancing, Darkfall: New Dawn will be hosted on a single global server.

“The InDev_ server has been released as a pre-season of sorts for those who couldn’t wait for release. We’re hoping it will end with a massive showdown as territory ownership will carry over.
Darkfall had such high expectations during the lead up to its original launch, and we feel we can eventually make good on all the promises made back then while correcting the original’s flaws. We’ll start with one of the most unique conquest games out there, and as time goes on, increase its depth to satisfy all kind of players. ”said Ub3rgames CEO, Marc Thompson.

About Ub3rgames
Born in 2015, Ub3rgames is a young French startup founded by talented developers who wanted to combine their passion of video games with their professional skills. They believe they can provide the best of both worlds and design outstanding games with players in mind. more info here

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