Greetings denizens of Agon,

Time has come, our free trial is now accessible!

Wanna check out all the changes we’ve made?
It’s time to test Darkfall: New Dawn and make your own opinion about what is new in the world of Agon!
During the free trial, there will be no limitation, no free to play restrictions, and the amount of xp gained will be increased by three.

After installing, whitelist the game in your Firewall and Antivirus.
When you start the game it will ask you to log-in.
You have to create & activate an account in order to be allowed to download/patch the game.

The free trial and the Indev_ server will close on Wednesday January 24 8:00 CET (PARIS time)

Be prepared for the release on January 26!

  • Holdings will be razed down, but ownership will carry over to release.
  • Clans will carry over their unspent clan meditation.
  • Names and Clans will be reserved.
  • Individual characters will keep up to 100k unspentmeditation points.
  • Purchased crafting masteries will unlock for free once their requirement are met.
  • These benefits are only available to those who have pre-ordered by the time InDev closes.

Hurry up before it’s too late!

DarkFall: New Dawn Indev_packs

Take advantage of our early adopter packages while they last.
They will disappear on Wednesday January 24 08:00 CET (PARIS time).

BE CAREFUL: all characters from accounts that were free as of Wednesday January 24 08:00 CET (PARIS time) will NOT be eligible for carry overs to the live server.

See you in game!