Release Patch

These changes are the results of our polishing phase.
We unfortunately only had one week instead of the three we had hoped for, but we’ll continue in that direction for the time being.
This being a day one patch, we chose to focus on non-sensitive changes that may not cause too many issues.

New Player Experience

  • We now have a quest tracker, which should help new and veteran players navigate the game’s content.
  • When interacting with an NPC, it will open the quest tab immediately.
  • We reworked the tutorial to be a lot less verbose, in favor of contextual help buttons. Players will get faster into the action.
  • Slightly changed default bindings. More work needed.
  • The title window opens when a new character switches to interface mode for the first time.
  • Monsters can no longer become enraged.

Crafting changes

  • Crafting recipes and xp gains have been reviewed.
  • Quality of an enchantment increases the XP gained. (XP x Quality)
  • Reduced the cost to craft lower tier armors.
  • Removed crafting fails.
  • Non-mastery recipes 50 levels bellow the character skill level no longer give xp for the following crafts:
    • Alchemy (staffs)
    • Armorsmithing
    • Bowyer
    • Cooking
    • Herbalism
    • Tailoring
    • Weaponsmithing
  • There are no market places fees on weapons, staffs, armors and bows of rank 20 and bellow.

Alignment and anti-griefing

  • Mount ownership:
    • When a player spawns, dismounts or detach the leash of a mount, he becomes the temporary owner for 2 minutes.
    • Only the temporary owner of the mount can mount or despawn the mount.
    • A player can only have one temporarily owned mount at a time, the previous ownership is lost when a new one is acquired.
    • Hitting a mount owned by someone else now properly calculates alignment/rogue statuses.
      • New player protection:
        • No longer prevents spawning or riding a mount.
        • Does not allow to use the mount’s attacks (no knockback).
        • Allows to enter the newbie dungeon.
        • Prevents environmental damages.
      • Funhulks have been removed from the game.
      • Wildlife no longer spawn in NPC cities.

    Removed more non-crafted gear

    • Removed enchanted gear from all monster loot tables.
    • Fixed deepblades still dropping.
    • Removed gear from chests/treasure maps.
    • Added new rare resources to chests/treasure maps.
    • Checked that weapon racks/armor racks/treasure chests were fine.

    Vendor inventory changes

    • Removed race changes item.
    • Removed armors from vendors.
    • Removed food and potions from vendors.
    • Removed weapons other than r0 from NPC city vendors
    • Added reagent, arrows and r0 of each kind to clan general stores.
    • Left r10 to purchase from some clan vendors.
    • change reagents cost to 6g each.
    • change arrows cost to 6g each.
    • Increase reagent drops from monsters.

    Quest changes

    • Nerfed hourly hunt quests.
    • Allowed Silverley troll hunt quest to be picked by all races.
    • Lowered armors in quest rewards to r0-r10.

    Loot table changes

    • Removed giant bones from:
      • Hill giants
      • Ogres
      • Khamset
    • Removed thick leather from fire giants.
    • Removed elemental hoarfrost from windgraives.
    • Removed Nifl frost from what skins for snow hide.
    • Normalized leenspar golem drops to other golems level.
    • Buffed Selentine golem drops.
    • Thick leather odds now progress with monster tiers.
    • Added cloth to spiders and ghosts throughout the world.
    • Reduced leenspar key drops.
    • Reduced raw resources coming from monsters:
      • stone
      • iron ore
      • timber
      • wood
      • gems

    Polishing, bugfixes and tweaks

    • Runestones can no longer be bound and can no longer be used to teleport.
    • Removed sithra’s active abilities.
    • Removed double spawns for server stability.
    • DXp is no longer gained when doing 0 damage to a monster.
    • Access to the global gold account is now restricted to Major and up.
    • Added a confirmation prompt when clicking the “Abandon holding” button.
    • When explicitly abandoning a holding, the local personal/clan banks are not transfered to retrieval vaults .
    • Retrieval vaults can only be retrieved in one go, not item by item.
    • Logging, woodcutting, smelting and Mining are now combined in a single title: Laborer.
    • Fixed armor master now works properly with arrow protection.
    • Skinning title now reduces skinning by 2s and increases probabilities by 20%.
    • Updated harvesting tooltips to the tool-free system.
    • The backpack can now be reduced to the same size as before.
    • Should now be able to use power hour and revive with tools.
    • Splitting a stack onto a bag should now properly transfer it.
    • Selecting items in an inventory should now displayed the selected weight.
    • The weight text field of inventories is colored according to weight and blinks when maximum weight is reached.