Game Update 1.1 – Infliction Magic, Raw Magic and healing rework

Greetings denizens of Agon,

In this patch, we release another part of our magic schools rework, with the completion of Infliction Magic and Raw Magic, alongside a good portion of spellchanting’s rework.
The main focus was to get healing changes and these two schools in a coherent shape. We still have witchcraft, spellchanting buffs and a few schools/signature spells to buff/balance.
All spells should now be in their final schools, and follow up patches will complete the remaining changes and tweak what needs to be tweaked balance wise.

Infliction Magic

Infliction Magic is a school with surprising inertia.
An opponent may find himself already dead, even if they do not know it yet.
This is due to the combination of damage over time and regeneration canceling spells available to the school.
Use the debuff and keep poisoning them in rotations, and nothing will stop the damage once it starts piling up.

  • All infliction damage have been reviewed.
  • Venom moved at lvl 1, has no cooldown anymore, kept its vitality debuff but shorter in duration.
  • Rend moved at lvl 50, cooldown changed to be the same as a regular r50. Kept its piercing debuff and gained an infliction debuff.
  • Undeath moved at lvl 60, linked to mana efficiency and had its duration tweaked to be similar to other debuffs.
  • Exhaust moved at lvl 75, linked to quicken spells and had its duration tweaked to be similar to other debuffs.
  • Needles moved at lvl 90, Damage and cast time changed to be in line with regular r90 spells, and has joined the r90 shared cooldown.
  • Flesh curse has had its duration brought in line with regular magical protection debuffs.

Raw Magic

Raw Magic is a school focused around close range reliability.
Its spells travel slowly but bypass armor and some offer minor knock ups with low encumbrance impact. Useful against physical playstyles.
It gains some utility against other mages through a magic protection toggle buff and burden, shutting down the opposition.
It is a straight forward school to use, with consistent albeit slightly lower damage. Just keep hitting them until they stop moving.

  • All Arcane damage have been reviewed.
  • Eldritch Sphere moved at lvl 1, lost its knock up and some damage but is slightly faster to cast and has retained its AoE.
  • Blast moved at lvl 50, has had its knockback reduced, gained a r50 cooldown, lost its debuff but retained its damage over time component.
  • Shrapnel at lvl 90, cast time sped up, damage increased, knock up lowered and placed in the r90 cooldown group.
  • Magic Shield: Transformed to a toggle buff providing all 6 magic protection. Provides around 75% of other toggle shields for 6 times the mana cost per second.
  • Magic ward: Transformed to provide another player with all 6 magical protection similar to a single school toggle buff.
  • Missile Fury is already useful in its current form but it will be drastically changed in the future to a magical stationary machine gun. Pick the school knowingly.

Spellchanting changes

We centralized nearly all heal-other spells within the spellchanting school in order to give each one of them its own situational use.
We also transformed mana blast into a healing blast and buffed healing chant. We still need to alter the hymns to have heals conditional on having the title.
We also still need to make healing chant possible to cast while moving. This will come alongside Earthquake’s rework.

  • Heal other and Sacrifice no longer have a cooldown.
  • Their casting speed and healing have been slightly reduced to maintain a similar peak healing per second as pre-patch.
  • Heal other mana cost has been reduced.
  • Sacrifice health cost has been increased.
  • Lay on Hands is now an instant heal, has a 6s cooldown and places both sacrifice and heal other on a 6s cooldown. Takes 1 mandrake to cast.
  • Heal other and Lay on hands audio and graphical effects have been tuned to not be annoying, especially on smaller races.
  • Mana blast has been renamed to Healing blast. Damage changed to healing. AoE drop off has been reduced. It still places r90s on cooldown.
  • Healing blast can be casted at your feet to heal the player, but will provide less healing than on other characters.
  • Healing chant has had its mana cost reduced and its healing per tick increased. It is still stationary.

Other Magic changes

  • Changed fireball and magma storm’s knockups to something much closer to the historic ones, but not as strong as back then.
  • Not in this patch but as an advance warning: fireball knock up will be conditional on titles.
  • Stormblast should now have a satisfying displacement effect.
  • Magma storm is no longer sharing a cooldown with r90 spells. Does lower damage.
  • Inferno no longer has a knockup.
  • Meteor Strike no longer shares a cooldown with r90 spells.
  • Unburden has been placed in the cantrips school.
  • Heal Mount, Beacon and Telekinesis no longer take reagents.
  • Launch now provides the same explosion as shrapnel used to and takes 1 nacre.
  • Veteran Mage now unlocks at 40 intelligence.
  • Mana conservation now unlocks at 55 intelligence.
  • Reagent Conservation now only requires 75 intelligence.
  • Transfer and heal self effects have been reverted to the old ones.

Village capture tweaks

  • The goal of these changes is to encourage breaking the capture chains of other clans.
  • The area around villages should no longer be permanently lawless.
  • VCP timers now last 25h and start from the moment they became vulnerable instead of from the moment they were captured.
  • Rewards are no longer scaled by the amount of players present, only by the ongoing modifier.
  • Rewards for villages are flat and no longer take into account the amount of housing slots.
  • The ongoing modifier now maxes out at 144% instead of 240%.
  • Physical rewards for individuals are given instantly in the backpack of the players still alive within the village’s rogue area.
  • Overall gold rewards are capped to 15 players, beyond that, the pool is shared between the present victors.
  • Gold and Meditation rewards have been reduced and are now closer to what an average daily dungeon quest would give.
  • The clan portion of the rewards has remained unchanged.

Other changes

  • All skills that should be owned/unlocked will now be given automatically on reconnection. This means racial passives after a race change or spells that have been added/moved after a character’s creation.
  • Abandoning a city while at war is no longer possible. However, just like now, a city can still go neutral if meditation isn’t paid.
  • The grounded state has been implemented, preventing characters from being displaced by skills, and is used in NPC cities when interacting with banks, market places and crafting stations.