Game Update 1.2 – Marketplaces Remote View

Greetings denizen of Agon,

Today’s patch sees the release of a major evolution of our marketplaces: remote view.
When consulting a marketplace, you will now be able to see the content of any marketplace you have access to and purchase remotely.
You still need to go fetch the item, but the purpose of this change is to secure purchases, easily prepare remote stockpiles and perhaps even “pre-order” items before a trip.
It is a good preparation for buy orders and transportation contracts, which will come down the line.
It should also help players see prices for items they have in abundance and motivate trade.

Marketplaces changes

  • There is now a new drop down list of all accessible marketplaces.
  • The list is sorted by distance from the current marketplace.
  • The list is located just above the button for categories.
  • You can select multiple marketplaces at the same time to view an aggregated list of items.
  • Base on-sale taxes have been reduced to 5%.
  • Buyers can remotely purchase items for an additional 5% of the purchase price. They still have to go pick them up.
  • Sellers can remotely withdraw the gold of successful sales to their global gold account. The 10% global account fee is applied as usual, on top of the 5% sale fee.
  • Sellers will now see their own sales in the general list of available items.
  • Pagination display errors and other minor bugs have been fixed.

Other changes

  • The quest tracker will now show the progression of objectives.
  • Linked spells with issues should now be linked properly.
  • Weight of bags should now always be accurate.