Game Update 1.3: Safe sieging & cheaper wars

Greetings denizen of Agon,

This week’s patch focuses on encouraging sieging and not making it punishing for blue players.

Safe sieging

    The bulk of the work has been done around providing a “contested area” during sieges:>

  • In a large area around a holding, attackers, defenders and their allies are all free to kill each other.
  • In areas around siege stones and bindstones, all characters not officially involved with the conquest challenge are free to kill for attackers/defenders and their allies.
  • When a character is under NPC zap tower protection, normal alignment rules apply.

This is a rather major overhaul of alignment. We already spent dozens of hours testing edge cases, please pay attention and report any issues you notice.
Note that looting for free-killed blue characters is not yet possible without alignment hits. This is a coming change.

War declaration costs

Now that sieges should no longer destroy the alignment of participants, we can safely lower the war declaration costs.
The new formula is: 80 000 + 20 000 x number_of_wars + target_clan_size x 1500
In cases where the target is ARAC or has red members, that amount is divided by 10.

This new calculation is trying to do less things at the same time and should no longer encourage “gaming” the system.
This is at the expense of having the new system be less protective of smaller clans, but it should go well with the coming ARAC/red consequences.
This should prevent one man clan harassment and encourage attacking racial enemies and other traitors.

In general, declaring war on a clan that is blue should cost an average of half the previous cost, with declaring war on a ARAC/red clan costing 20 times less.

PSA: ARAC consequences are coming next patch.

This could be as early as next Friday, or early the week after. We’re aiming for a higher patch frequency.
Other changes to the siege system will come then, alongside Witchcraft, more Spellchanting changes and additional balance changes.