Game Update 1.4: Witchcraft & ARAC consequences

Greetings denizen of Agon,

We are now releasing the changes to witchcraft, and with this patch, the last unusable magic school is now available.
We still have individual tweaks to make, both to signature spells and general mechanics, but all titles should now have a usable school with them.
The schools considered weaker will still be reviewed, same for the weapon types.


Witchcraft has gained minor damage of the malediction damage type on all its attribute debuffs.
When the title is active, it gets an additional secondary stat damage based on the attribute being debuffed.
This results with a school that goes from a minor support and debuff school to a rotation based single target damage school.
Keep applying your signature debuff, mix in with the most useful spell based on your target, and you’ll end up doing gradually more damage to their stats while reducing their effectiveness.
This turns out to be a good school either as a secondary in a multi-school or hybrid setup, or as a complex and accuracy demanding main school.

  • All attribute debuffs and spell curse have been increased in travel speed to 60m/s. (historic icicle speed
  • Attribute debuffs and spell curse now do damage of the malediction type
  • Sluggish no longer has a cooldown, acting as the school’s bolt and a way to level it with or without titles
  • Spell curse is now linked to the school, it gains damage and has its duration changed to a base of 12s, 24s when maxed, 48s with Q5 duration enchant
  • All spells are linked either to the school or to one of its subskill. General use of the school improves all its spells
  • When the title is active on a character, all attribute debuffs gain a secondary effect
    • Sluggish gains stamina damage
    • Stupidity gains mana damage
    • Palsy gains stamina damage
    • Disease gains a second health hit
    • Pestilence gains a second health hit
    • Ominous Drain gains mana and stamina damage
  • All damage hits are buffed by spell curse
  • Ominous Drain has become part of the R90 cooldown group. It has an aoe and a high velocity
  • Witches brew no longer has aoe drop off for its heal. Self heal divided by 3

Other magic changes

  • Reduced the dropoff over distance for AOE projectiles. Max damage distance doesn’t change
  • Increased velocity of protection debuffs to 70m/s (equivalent to cursed bolt
  • Increased the duration of protection debuffs by +50%
    • Before: base 8s
    • 16s when maxed out
    • 32s with Q5 Duration enchant
    • After: base 12s
    • 24s when maxed out
    • 48s with Q5 Duration enchant
    • This should reduce the needed accuracy from around 40% to around 20%, lower when using an enchant or rays
  • Negative effects, such as debuffs, should no longer be negated, unless using the spell immunity toggle buff or its enchanting equivalent

Infliction Magic

  • Undeath has been doubled in duration and magnitude
  • Undeath and exhaust are no longer fully canceled by food
  • Flesh curse: reduced cast time, increased velocity to 70m/s, increased base duration to 12s

Water Magic

  • Slow and Delayed shot: Reduced cast time, increased base duration to 16s, increased velocity to 70m/s, magnitude multiplied by 1.5
  • Icicle’s velocity has been increased from 60m/s to 70m/s

Raw Magic

  • Eldritch sphere, Blast and Shrapnel all gain more or less 2 damage, depending on level and gear
  • Spellchanting buffs gain secondary health and stat healing when the title is active

    • Hymn of swiftness: health and stamina
    • Hymn of Skills: health and stamina
    • Hymn of Might: double health
    • Hymn of Vigor: double health
    • Hymn of Intellect: health and mana

    PvE improvements

    In an effort to improve the gameplay experience of solo and small group players, we’ve implemented auto-salvaging and scaling changes.
    We have also re-activated all spawns that we have deactivated for additional meditation sources in Alfar land, and some interesting points of interest.


    • All monsters will now have a small chance to loot a part of the recipe of their weapons. This is based on what weapons they use or what they used to drop
    • The output of this feature should remain bellow the output of harvesters properly using the distance-based harvesting feature
    • These resources do NOT scale per monster. They have only one weapon per monster to be salvaged
    • These additional resources should be visible on the map when searching for them

    Scaling changes

    • A majority of spawns have had their base size increased by 50% and their respawn time reduced by 25%
    • Size scaling per additional player has been decreased in proportion, resulting in a form of frontloading of size scaling
    • Goblins, trolls, boss monsters and rare ore golems have not been impacted by this change
    • Demon, devil and minotor king respawn 2.25 times faster
    • Kraken scaling has been reduced
    • All disabled spawns have been reactivated
    • Note that in all these changes, we’ve been conservative. We are looking for feedback regarding fine tuning the various spawns

    ARAC consequences

    The aim is to start representing the rules of the world in player interactions and to consolidate racial war content.
    This is mostly a foundational change, as most of its value will come as more bonuses for being in a clan will be added.
    As usual, we recommend being red or ARAC only as a choice of playstyle. It is meant to be a challenge mode, with further changes in that direction.

    • Any clan with a red character or members from different enemy factions will be considered ARAC
    • All members in an ARAC clan will be considered permanently rogue, regardless of alignment
    • Recruitment policies will be updated based on current clan population. ARAC status will then be based on these policies
    • When a clan changes policies, all characters will be warned and will have 1 hour of in-game time to leave the clan before becoming rogue
    • When a character goes red in a blue only clan, it will be automatically kicked from the clan after 1h
    • In order to let players adapt to the change, the perma-rogue status will not impact alliances or the track record of players for now

    Siege rules changes

    These changes have been made in the perspective of clarifying the system, to make alt clan sieging less interesting and to give better chances to reclaim losses.

    • Phase one will now last 25h, making siege stones going vulnerable 24h after the siege has been dropped
    • Phase 2 lasts 2h, making a siege last a total of 3 hours
    • Having a holding divides the siege wager by 3 for the attacker
    • Counter-sieging is free for the defenders, aside from late-joiner or soft-vulnerability fees
    • Clan members needed to declare a siege have now been increased to 10 for a hamlet and 20 for a city
    • Grace periods on defense have been removed and grace period on capture has been reduced from 60h down to 20h

    Misc. changes

    • Deleting items from the bank should no longer be possible, to allow some recovery from mistakes
    • Stamina leech should be linked to Earth Magic Mana Efficiency

    Coming up next

    In the next coming patches, we’ll continue our efforts to make solo play, most notably with skinning and how it interacts with scaling.
    We’ll also continue improving the lives of mages by reviewing the grind, gear and stat costs discrepancies with the physical playstyle.
    In a more medium term, we’ll continue working on the racial wars, alignment and reasons to fight.