Next week patch

Greetings denizen of Agon,

Next week patch:

Skinning and scaling overhaul

  • A new even more frontloaded curve for scaling. This should feel like a slight buff to groups, but a major buff for solo and groups bellow 5 players.
  • RNG equality: Scaling will no longer increase probabilities, everyone will be equal when facing the odds.
  • A vast majority of skinning material will now be a guaranteed drop. Should be a buff in many cases.
  • For those where we couldn’t make the jump to 100%, we favored higher probability while lowering the quantity per skin. Output should be more consistent.
  • Skinning skill, wisdom and title will still impact probabilities, but the numbers shown on the map will be the rates for a lvl 0.
  • Skinning will be faster for all.

Walk of Shame

  • Instant transportation across the map will not happen, but we can try to alleviate the pain upon death.
  • The current respawn radius will be slightly increased, allowing for an increased “natural” range of operation for players.
  • A single explicitly chosen bindstone will remain available at an extended radius.
  • Owners and guests in houses will have the house as an additional choice in that extended radius.

VCP tweaks

  • We’re increasing meditation points gains for both victors and other participants.
  • All resources needed in mastery armors will have a chance to drop, similarly to rare ores.

Being worked on for the next few patches

  • We’d like to continue tweaking monster spawns. Please participate in this thread for spawns that you find too hard or still too slow.
  • This applies to daily dungeon quests as well. Some have been made faster to complete and more enjoyable while some seem now too hard.
  • The remaining announced magic and combat changes.
  • We’ll address the grind discrepancy between magical and physical playstyles. May look similar to how witchcraft is setup skill linking wise.
  • A way to recover items from a holding after having been abandoned, kicked, or de-allied. No instant transport, just recovery.