Game Update 1.5 – Skinning and scaling overhaul

Greetings denizen of Agon,

Skinning and scaling overhaul

  • Wherever possible, skinning fails have been removed by reducing quantity and increasing probability. This is the same output as before, without RNG
  • When that wasn’t the case, we increased probability as much as possible to increase skinning consistency
  • All sizes of groups are now equal in terms of random luck. Probabilities do not increase with scaling, only quantity does
  • The scaling curve has been frontloaded even more than before. This should be a big buff to solo and small groups, and a slight buff to larger groups
  • For clarity, percentages on the map now show the minimum odds, not the maximum
  • Skinning skill, wisdom and skinning title still improve probabilities
  • Skinning now takes 1.5s with level 100 title and 3s for everyone else. Down from 3s and 5s

Respawn system changes

  • The “natural” radius to be offered a bindstone has now been increased from 2km to 3km
  • The system stills expands the radius until offering at least one bindstone with a bank
  • Houses are now offered within a radius of 10.5km for owners and guests
  • A single bindstone can be chosen to be offered within a radius of 10.5km

These distances have been chosen based on how far a character can travel in 20 minutes in a way that active traveling remains more time efficient.
This also coincides with the width of a subcontinent or a racial land, which are generally around 10.5km.
For indication, a starter character without food or transfers can auto sprint and cover up to 4.2km in 20 minutes. With food, it is up to 7.2km.
With food and a bluetail, a character can cover up to 10.4km, more with a normal mount and manually managing sprinting for maximum uptime.
If you need to be somewhere fast, you are better off doing it manually.

Note that these values may be tweaked when more raiding mechanics are implemented and they become more of an issue.

Vendor Inventory expansion

  • Blues and chaos NPC’s now have a more varied selection of items for sale
    • Weapons and bows up to r30
    • Rank 0 Shields
    • Staffs up to Traitor’s glory
    • Armors up until scale, leather and fine robes
    • Racial mounts and rafts
    • Lizard on a stick and minor potions
  • Prices have been selected to be higher than the market value, to leave room for players to undercut them easily
  • Chaos city vendors have increased prices of +50%, similar to dungeon vendors

VCP rewards increase

  • Meditation reward increased to
    • From 500 to 1000 meditation for participation
    • From 2000 to 3000 based on percentage of capture
    • From 2000 to 3000 for victors
  • Physical loot
    • All resources needed for high end robes, leather, bone and metal armors are now possible to drop for victors
    • Skinning materials used in robes and staffs can now drop too

Other changes

  • Chaos chest frequency and base meditation reward increased
  • Selentine chest meditation and gold reward increased