What’s new since release?

Greetings denizen of Agon,

A lot has happened since release. During these past 3 months, we have focused on improving the game based on the feedback we received both in-game and out of game.
We really want to thank our community for their reports and the time spent hashing things out on the forums.

We released 8 patches, with an average of one every 10 days!

Release | Follow up | Update 1.0 | Update 1.1 | Update 1.2 | Update 1.3 | Update 1.4 | Update 1.5

There is a lot more to come, but let’s look back at what we added in this follow up period:

DarkFall: New Dawn PvE

More engaging PvE

  • Challenging spawns with less downtime
  • No more RNG misery in skinning
  • Improved solo/duo player experience

DarkFall: New Dawn Magic

In-depth magic overhaul

  • Cantrips and regeneration schools, for every generalist spells
  • New Infliction school
  • New Raw Magic school
  • New Witchcraft
  • Other balance changes & ongoing efforts

DarkFall: New Dawn Marketplaces

Marketplaces evolutions

  • Remote view and purchases
  • Sales fees reworked for convenience
  • Increased NPC inventories for basic gear availability

DarkFall: New Dawn Free for All

Less and less of a free for all

  • Automatic loot splitting on shared spawns (goes with quest sharing)
  • Anti-griefing mechanics to protect players from other blue players
  • ARAC consequences

DarkFall: New Dawn Miscellaneous

And more

  • Village captures give crafting components
  • Racial War declaration cost reductions
  • Siege timer changes and contested radius around objectives
  • Explicit binds for stones and houses up to 10.5km

And we’re still going at it, we’re now working on content while we continue our progressive polishing of the game.

GAME UPDATE 1.6 is already in the making!


For your fellow friends and future denizens of Agon who want to understand the differences between DFO & DND, and what we achieved during the past two years: we made an infographic!

DarkFall: New Dawn

Spread the word, have fun, and see you in-game!