Game update 2.0 – The Champion System

Greetings denizens of Agon,

Champion system

This is the meat of this game update, and something we expect will make PvE more exciting for all.
Champion monsters are stronger versions of regular monsters that have a chance of appearing on any spawns.
The core idea is that the more efficient you are at clearing monster spawns, the more frequently they will appear.

Champion monsters will drop

  • A ramped up version of their monster type loot table.
  • A higher chance to drop keys and treasure maps.
  • A chance to drop progression consumables for attributes, magic schools, weapons and combat titles.
  • A small amount of meditation on kill, split between characters engaged with the spawn.
  • All probabilities increase with monster tier, up to a guaranteed combat title book.

Very low level monsters, boss level monsters and rare ore golems cannot become champions.
Note that spawns in dungeons tend to have faster respawn rates. At some point in their progression, players will become limited by overworld respawn rate.
This should encourage players to move on to more challenging monsters and/or spawns for increased rewards once their character or player knowledge progresses enough.
We expect competent veteran players to be able to generate 4 to 5 champions per hour on medium to medium-high monsters.

Go out, experiment, improve and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
Beware, some of them can be quite the challenge.

Title books and other progression consumables

To serve the champion system, we tweaked existing progression consumables and implemented title consumables:

  • Attribute potions: still give +1, but can be used up to 100.
  • Skill Books: Start giving +5 with diminishing return down to +1. Can be used up to lvl 100.
  • Combat title book: Gives +5 to a random active combat title that is bellow lvl 50. Can be used up to lvl 50.

For now, these can only be found reliably within the Champion system, but we may use them as rewards for other activities.

Other changes

  • Holdings banks can be accessed in withdraw only for any player who lost access due to circumstances other than a siege. The bank needs to be built.
  • The global gold account can be used to purchase items from NPC vendors.
  • Mount inventories for racial mounts and battlehorn have been increased by 50%.
  • A bug prevented part of lootables from scaling. We fixed it and reduced base loot to maintain previous average output in these cases.
  • Various other minor loot table tweaks have gone through. We still have more data and feedback to process from the skinning changes.
  • The rare ore golems below leenspar have had their hit points increased.

Next patch should conclude our current PvE focus.

It will be about the bindstone quests, some progression tweaks and we’ll resume work on balancing changes, starting with necromancy. We needed all hands on deck to finalize these features.
Expect some meta/conquest related changes to be completed afterwards.

Have a great week end, and see you in game!