Game Update 2.1 – Necromancy & Signature spells

Greetings denizens of Agon,

The theme of this patch is finishing up on the mechanical changes for magic.
Our general goal with magic is to have schools that play differently, as bundles of spells.

For example, Arcane Magic is predominantly a bolt school, and as such, we buffed Sacred Missile to be the best bolt in the game damage wise.
Tied with it will now be Acid Arrow, with earth being more of a brute force school, with little side effects to its damage spells.
Necromancy ended up not needing a damage nerf, as the lack of stamina damage is quite noticeable in practice, and we increased its leech to 10%.
We’ll see how these values play out in player hands, but we’ve separated PvE and PvP percentages do reflect the differences in accuracy.

Healing chant and Earthquake should mainly be used during group fights.
We expect earthquake to be tricky to use but with a high pay off as a disrupting tool. It does more damage than field aoes, has a similar area, but requires the caster to be in the thick of it.
Healing chant should be a good push under fire, or top off a group tool, but it won’t be as effective as cross healing in smaller scale.

Wall of Force has mostly been bug fixed, with its area of effect and visuals now matching more accurately.
Others have been fixed in the same way, but this should be the most noticeable.
And finally, come hither now provides a short impact damage protection, which makes it more of a support spell and no longer the best nuke in the game.


  • When a player has the Necromancy title, Necromancy damage spells will leech 10% of their damage on players, 5% on monsters.
  • Unholy damage no longer does stamina or mana damage.
  • Eye rot damage type changed to unholy.

Signature spells

  • Earthquake now allows to move while channeling, has an increased cost but does less damage to the caster.
  • Healing Chant now allows to move while channeling. Self healing is reduced compared to outgoing healing.
  • Come Hither now adds impact protection to the target.
  • Wall of Force’s effect and visuals coincide better.

Other changes

  • Holy damage type no longer does stamina damage, does 40% mana damage.
  • Damage increase for the following spells
    • Sacred Missile
    • Acid Arrow
    • Corrosive blast
    • Disintegrate
  • House doors have a 1h cooldown after destruction.

What’s next

After this patch, what’s remaining on the combat changes checklist are missile fury and the review of polearms, maces and greatclubs.
Work on equalizing the magic and physical grind is nearly completed, and should come with a higher impact on utility potency from having the title.
Progress on holdings buffs has been paused to help complete this patch’s framework changes, but will resume after missile fury is completed.
Progress on bindstone quests is moving at a steady pace. We are now in the interface phase. Still quite a bit to do.

Have a great week end, and see you in game!