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Ub3rgames & Darkfall: New Dawn, making the sun rise again

2012 November the 15th, in Paris: two friends are nursing their drinks in a bar. Darkfall Online, their favorite MMORPG, has just closed.
Being both gamers and developers, they are perfectly aware of the technical and design flaws of the game. “If only they had resolved that bug… If only I could have worked on the game… I wish we could play again.

What if it’s not too late? After all, they have a strong tech background and they clearly know the game’s bugs, lack of features and so…
Needless to say, they aren’t the only two Darkfall orphans. On forums, thousands of other desperate souls are mourning the loss of their favorite hobby. Their beloved game doesn’t deserve such a fate.

Back home, Marc stares at his screen:
he has to try, he must save the game! Darkfall must be born again!

He starts studying everything related to the project: from forums suggestions to marketing documents or design studies.Thanks to Darkfall and his studies, he will definitively make video games with his fellow acolyte who joined him.
They try to buy the licence but fail.
Sad but strong, they work harder during the next few years to try again to obtain the Darkfall licence.
2015 arrives and the love for Darkfall all other the world is still there. June comes, it’s time to contact Aventurine studio one more time and make a proposition. The negotiation period begins between the Greek studio and the guys.
Things are getting serious now, they need to prove they deserve the honor. “Let’s make it happens!
At the end of August, they release the website. On August 31th comes the name: Darkfall: New Dawn.
October initiates the community meeting in a new dedicated space: the Darkfall: New Dawn forum!

They hire engineers doubling as seasoned players, resulting in a perfect tech team.
From this gathering, raises the Ub3rgames startup on October 28th.
Then on a sunny morning of February 2016, they receive a mail posted from Greece: that’s it, they finally succeeded!

This is it, Darkfall is in our hands, we have the source code, it’s time to work, guys!
But it’s been three years since Darkfall is over, try to imagine you get an old box from the attic, open it and find your beloved toy covered with dust, with some broken and missing parts! The Aventurine guys did their best to dig up old hard disks, reunited or recovered most of the game, but couldn’t get their hand on some pieces of the puzzle.
But our dev guys are obstinate. For more than a month, from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk (!), they compile, code, encode, decode, retrieve, until this morning of March 7th when they manage to boot up the game for the first time in years!
With spring comes the first in game footage and it’s a great success on Youtube , they could show the world Darkfall can and will rise again!

May 24th, the first patch is released.
June 28th, DARKFALL: NEW DAWN IN ITS INDEV_ VERSION OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED as a free trial until the 31th of August, with its first set of improvements in the form of Patch 1.0.

2017 is a huge year for Darkfall: New Dawn as it witnesses more than 35 patches including the birth of the marketplaces, an original Ub3rgames design.

2018 starts with a strong momentum as the team releases the latest patch before launch: the titles & local banking features.
January 19, the free trial is accessible. Last time to test the game before launch!
Three days only after launch, the server is holding strong despite player counts raising by the day. Now that the game is out, it is time to look forward to what will happen within the coming weeks. Let’s check our the new roadmap!

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