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Ub3rgames, the company behind this rerelease, has been created for the purpose of acquiring the license to the massively multiplayer game Darkfall Online and relaunch it under a new direction as Darkfall Online: New Dawn.

Founded in Paris by former players of the game, this group of gaming enthusiasts consist mostly of expert developers that all have a very strong programming background in high end infrastructure management, networking programming and cloud computing skills.
In the end what unites them is their love of online video games.

And there is no doubt in our mind that Darkfall Online: New Dawn will be a success in today’s market. But more than that, we’ve been passionate about video games since childhood, and this project will be ran by gamers, for gamers.

This endeavor is approached as a startup, and as such, the management staff is designed to be as lightweight as possible. We will start with only a handful of employees and then increase as budget allows.

rmll 027 [1600x1200]Marc Thompson
CEO and lead

The initial employee and team leader, Marc Thompson, is a graduate of Epitech which is a school that mixes expert programming lessons with management and business lessons. He has been a professional developer for the past 7 years, 5 of which were part of a successful cloud computing startup and then as a self employed contractor.

Before college, Marc has been part of various teams creating lore and content for Ultima Online shards  as an amateur. This lead to his first job experience as a volunteer part of a Dynamic events team who’s role was to manage the day to day events and campaigns but also content creation like new zones, quests and abilities.
This was for a subscription based game called “the fourth coming” ran by the company Pole interactive. The company acquired the license for the game from Vircom once GOA, the previous French provider, switched to Dark age of Camelot.
A situation very similar to what is happening here with Darkfall.

Starting to work in 2007 in order to pay for his studies, Marc has had a vast experience in infrastructure automation and large scale upgrade projects on legacy codebases. The last two years of college being paid through learning, refactoring and adding features to a 10 years old system with multiple generation of interns doing non documented changes.

These honed spaghetti code digestion skills will come in handy in order to update Darkfall.

After graduating in 2009, Marc joined as employee number 2 of a French cloud computing startup called Dotcloud. Dotcloud was specialized in cloud interoperability tools and is a provider of encapsulated application stacks. The company went on to move to the US and raised millions of dollars in venture capital and ended up becoming Docker.
This startup experience is extremely valuable to both the technical aspect of infrastructure management and deployment but also to see from within how a small structure can operate efficiently. Both of which will be very useful in running Darkfall: New Dawn.

Since then, Marc has done contract work for behind the scenes tools for companies like the French ministry of Education or the Parisian Rail Company(RATP) . A common trend being high throughput application required to manage their large infrastructures, needs that are very similar to those of a real time MMORPG like Darkfall.

Marc was there during the purchase website crashes, and was online when the servers went down. He is behind most of the design decisions we have exposed on this website, and if you have interacted with one of our Ub3rgames account, there is a good chance he was the one behind the keyboard.

david_portrait David Amsallem
CTO and lead

David will be the second employee and will be in charge of the technical exploration of the code base. He and Marc have been working and gaming together for the past 11 years, through college, early jobs and later life experience.

David is a specialist in grid computing, reverse engineering and protocol analysis and is currently working for a risk analysis team at a large French bank (Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking).

Before college, David was heavily involved in the competitive Counter Strike scene and has organized and participated in multiple lans (bconnect, WCG.fr, ESWC, LDC). Of all the team members, he is by far the best player and the most sensitive to latency and tick rate imperfection.
Thankfully, he’ll be in charge of those aspects in new Dawn and he will guarantee that the technology will provide for the most competitive experience possible.

David put himself through college starting to work as a professional developer as early as 2005. One of his first relevant job was developing network traffic monitoring and filtering and reversing proprietary protocol for Olfeo company.
He then went on to work as lead developer for COSE, a French military contractor, where he had to work on a 19 years old legacy codebase. That company was already at the top of the industry for high velocity cameras, and during his time there, he doubled the performances of that solution from 200 to 400 frames per second by dropping very aged homemade solutions (it was a time where multithreading didn’t exist and proc were single core!) and replacing it by up to date multithreading technology.

Having worked for various research laboratories, mainly on security, operating systems and artificial intelligence, and having worked at Dotcloud alongside Marc, David is well versed in advanced infrastructure techniques and high throughput applications.

His latest job consists of analyzing and debugging 11 years old non documented applications and do evolutive maintenance and performance improvement on in house solutions at a banking institution. He is part of one of the handful of teams in Europe with the ability to maintain their own full stack infrastructure (ITEC Department of SGCIB).

His day to day work also includes code reviewing and managing outsourced teams and overseeing releases.

This complete set of skills makes David the ideal candidate for a CTO as our highest barrier of entry will be reviewing, mapping and redeploying a legacy codebase to a new infrastructure. Having done that for almost a decade, David will be invaluable for New Dawn.

David was there at the start, and has not been forgiven yet for getting a Darkfall copy two weeks earlier than the others. He is also one of the few team members that has kept playing the longest. Being a father, one of his goals for New Dawn is to influence positively the video games industry so that the future generations will get meaningful online experiences like we did back in the days.

portrait_sebastienSebastien Cassier
CFO and infrastructure lead

Sebastien will be heavily involved in the launch process and will act as a CFO. He has worked in the data center industry for years and has climbed the ranks from system administrator to Dedibox business unit director. He has spent countless sleep deprived nights alongside the others, working on finishing projects and tabletop campaigns.

Being part of the same team than Marc and David, Sebastien has received the same education but focused on the system and infrastructure aspects of the curriculum.

He paid for college by being an admin on campus and then went on to work in multiple companies to hone his trade before joining Online.
From there on, he rose the ranks to the point of managing data centers and overseeing the design and construction of new ones.

The InDev servers will actually be hosted in one of his buildings until we have the means to move to the server’s final location.

As a director, he has also designed several commercial products, like traditional dedicated server rental but also an in house cloud platform and online storage platform. He has also managed marketing campaigns from web ads to Tv ads and everything in between. Can you say “massive paint ball within the ruins of an old government agency” without smiling?

He is experienced in managing a product and putting to good use a marketing budget. Skills that will come in handy to relaunch a game like Darkfall and making sure it reaches the population it deserves.

Sebastien has accomplished much, and he owes that to his tenacity. Whatever the endeavor, he will see it through. Whether it is a Duke Nukem map, a new product release or presenting a project in front of a 3000 people crowd, it will be done to the perfection.
He has been known to shout at his previous CEOs when they did not follow budget or time tables, and we expect no less from him on this adventure. He is our business savy multi-tool.



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