Frequently Asked Fabulous and Qualitative Questions

General questions

  • Do I need to buy the game and/or pay a subscription in order to play Darkfall: New Dawn?
    YES, you need to buy a subscription. This will give you access to the game online.

  • How can I pay? What payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay using PAYPAL or credit cards.

  • Can I play the game offline?
    NO, you need a permanent internet connection in order to play DND.

  • How many players are able to play together?
    Thousands can play in a single world without any instancing.

  • Can players from around the world play on any of the US, European, Russian or Asian servers?
    We have one single non-instanced server. Players from all over the world play together!

  • How many languages does the game support?
    Currently it’s only in english.

  • What kind of combat types does Darkfall have?
    First person and third person action combat in Pve, PvP, really big battles using mounts, ships or tanks!

Technical questions

  • What are the minimum system requirements?

    • Operating System: Windows 7 32 bits
    • Processor: Intel i5 2300 or Phenom II X4 960
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Video: nVidia GTX 460 or ATI 5850
    • Storage: 12GB Free Space

  • Please note that when in large-scale battles situations, it is encouraged to turn off the shadows.

  • Is a joystick or a gamepad required to play the game?
    Nope, only keyboard and mouse.

  • I can’t log in: when I enter my username and password I get the following message: “Account is not active “
    You need to buy a subscription . This gives you access to the whole of Indev (for free) and then 2 months at launch (more depending on the pack purchased.)

  • I log in, I press play and I get a error message
    Make sure you’ve whitelisted the install folder in your antivirus, then delete the state.sfs and darkfall.exe file from the data folder in your install directory. Launching the lobby should then validate and restore your install.

  • My game is crashing
    When you have a crash, please send us your client_1.log file (located in your DND directory : installdirectory/data/client_1.log) to

  • How can I change my account information?
    To change or edit your information or password: go to account details.

  • How can I retrieve a new password?
    To retrieve a new password click here. You can only retrieve your password if you signed up using a valid email address that you can access. If you don’t see our email in your inbox, check your spam folder. Click on the link in our email and follow the instructions. If you go through all the steps and you still haven’t received an email, try again later, it may needs more time.

  • How do I delete my account?
    To delete your account, please send a mail at

  • Why have I been banned?
    An account is blocked once a user violates the terms agreed with when registering. If you want to read more about players‘ responsibilities on our website, go to our Terms of Use .

In case of bugs & issues

  • How do I contact a Game Master in game?
    To contact a GM type the “/gm_help” command in the in-game chat window followed by your question or issue.

  • What should I do if I find a game bug?
    Online games, like any other programs, may contain errors that users can exploit to gain some benefits. We do our best to fix such exploits as fast as possible, but sometimes, new ones appear. If you find a potentially exploitable game bug, you should immediately report it directly in game using the “/gm_report” command. Using them to obtain any advantages is strictly prohibited by Ub3rgames and may cause permanent blockage of your DND account.

The world of Agon

  • Are ships available in DND?
    Yes! Choose between large warships, merchant vessels, small scouting, skirmish boats, or fishing boats etc. Smallest ships (or rather boats) can accommodate 2-3 people, while big ships can transport an average sized guild ahoy!

  • Can I ride a unicorn?
    Yes. You have to find the end of the rainbow to capture one.
    Just kidding! We don’t want to break your immersion in Darkfall: New Dawn. Do not expect loot boxes or rococo cosmetic here, that’s not our game philosophy.