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Darkfall: New Dawn
making the
sun rise again

Darkfall, this name definitely rings a bell.
Indeed, the infamous MMORPG Darkfall was already online in 2009; it was the fruit of Aventurine Studio.
Many of you, many of us, spent countless hours visiting Agon, killing Alfars, and teaming up to conquer this world.
Alas, during a dark night of November, Darkfall disappeared into the tenebrous depth of the Web.

We all agreed Darkfall didn’t deserve to end up like that. It needed to come back to life: keep entertaining all its fans and achieve the perfection the original dev team was aiming for. So we gathered a new team of engineers and brought it back to life. Since 2016, we’ve been continuously working and improving the game so all of you can finally enjoy a complete and final version.

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