True action combat

FPS combat
sandbox MMORPG

  • Face players from all over the planet

    Experience large scale battles in a giant openworld!
    Darkfall: New Dawn is running on a single non-instanced server.
    There is only one and unique Agon. You will cross path with thousands of players wherever they are, from the fields and forests of the wilderness to the damp dungeons and bustling cities you’ll be fighting over.

  • Skillful fast paced combat

    Master projectile physics and full character collisions. No hidden tab targeting here, only first person view for ranged and a close third-person view for melee combat. Be aware of your positioning, aim your spells & arrows, and defeat your enemy!
    Challenge yourself! This is a full loot game, be faster than the fastest and you’ll gain everything!

  • Physics based movement

    Who needs crowd control when you can control physics!
    Darkfall: New Dawn trades stuns and roots for an array of displacement effects. Knockback enemies off of cliffs, launch yourself forward or pull a friend out of trouble with spell and abilities designed around movement.
    Make the best of a 3D world where players can truly go everywhere!

  • Roam the world in style

    Agon is large and there are no instant travels. Speed up your travels with a variety of mounts and vehicles.You won’t have to make it all on foot!
    Get ready to sail wild seas and explore foreign lands at the other side of the world!


You have a wide variety of boats to sail, from a raft to the mighty Man’O’War.

Board a ship and cross the oceans for profit or adventures. Trade opportunities and sea monsters ahoy! Or wake up your inner Blackbeard, raise the black flag and attack all these juicy cargos!

Recruit the best crew you can get.
In Darkfall: New Dawn, each position on a ship is filled by a player. During naval battles, man cannons, repair damage, fend off boarders and, last but not least, helm your ship to victory!


Mounts are paramount to quickly move your troops and to win battles.
Mounts also have their own inventories to carry their owner’s burden and support trade.

In Darkfall: New Dawn, races have special racial mounts featuring unique variations.
Ride an Eradan, the feline Mirdain’s mount, or travelled on the back of a land dragon with your Alfar character.

Racial mounts can only be “tamed” by a character of the corresponding race but may be stolen and used by any other races.


Warhulks are rather unique to Darkfall.
These techno-magical hovercrafts provide fire power on the battlefield and double as mobile artillery.

Engage in heroic-fantasy combined-arms scenarios on your path to conquest!

From the developers:
Warhulks are amazing weapon platforms, and in time, we will allow players to customize the loadouts of their vehicles with different cannons and equipment.