Free Form Character Progression

your own

  • Mix & Match

    With our title system, you can freely create a character that fits your natural strengths and play style preferences.

Skill based progression

In Darkfall: New Dawn, your character has access to most skills and abilities!
Customize your character and unlock additional spells with our titles!
Focus on just one title to become an expert at it and enjoy the classic RPG feel.
Or, if you belong to the swiss-army-knife players category, you can unlock up to five different titles and combine all your skills for optimum results.
You’ve got 5 slots for titles: the choice is yours!

From the developers:
With this system, we also limit crafting professions. Players can’t be self-sufficient. The goal is to drive players to team up with each other, form a complete clan or contribute to the economy.

Types of titles

  • Combat: impact combat effectiveness by increasing one aspect and decreasing another. Some titles come with unique active abilities.
  • Utility: these range from improving quest rewards to granting swimming abilities.
  • Crafting: improve trueforge skills for specific type of items and unlock unique recipes.
  • Gathering: improve gathering skills, alter what can be looted, or unlock access to new node types.
  • Operators: place these between two titles to create combination or additions of title effects that shouldn’t occur.

Armor traits

Tailor your play style with the best equipment and win battles. You can wear robes to be potent in magic, leather armors for physical prowess, or metal armors for survivability.
Mix & match to find the perfect fit for your tastes!

Organic progression

In Darkfall: New Dawn, progression is skill based. The more you use specific weapons, tools or spells, the more you increase your ability’s level!
Grab a bow to become better at archery or cast fireballs to become better at fire magic.
Feel free to fight any foes at any time: the harder the challenge, the more xp you’ll receive! Use better gear, team up to defeat stronger monsters and you’ll quickly increase your gains.
Don’t forget: the more you are, the harder the monster!

Meditation points

Your character keeps progressing even when offline!
Earn points with quests or by completing in-game achievements.
Players have a meditation queue, allowing them to use meditation points to level up a skill or attribute.
When you’re disconnected from the game, meditation points turn into XP points!

From the developers:
Down the line, players will be able to use meditation points for many uses, like crafting or disassembling items, or learning new recipes and so on.
Meditation points represent every menial task your character does when you aren’t at the helm!