A world to fight over

your place
in Agon

Open world farming

No need to be alone.
Darkfall: New Dawn features a refreshingly old-school spawn farming system. Pull monsters and take them down as a team while you bond with the players on the other side of the screen. Find friends in the wild or relax with those you already have!

Challenge yourself for greater rewards.
When multiple players fight at a specific location, monster fight back harder. They will increase in difficulty, but will also yield more loot and provide more experience.
Push your limits and optimize your time!

Open world dungeons

No instances, take the risk!
As all things in the game, dungeons are based around risk versus reward.
Kills and loot can be shared, and will improve with more players. Anyone can and will join you, for better or for worse. Can you take the heat?

A recurring source of gold and meditation.
If you can indeed take it, dungeons will provide one of the best source of gold and meditation through recurring quests. For less time spent in game, you’ll be able to gain more and use meditation to continue progressing your character while offline.
Welcome to the danger zone!

Player housing and villages

Create a home and a community.

Villages with housing plots are spread across the map. Houses are unique and can be shared by a small group of players as guests. They serve as respawn points, local storages and even as store fronts for their owners.
Make yourself at home!

Village capture and taxes.
These villages can be captured by clans to gain local resources, and ongoing gold & meditation rewards. Contesting villages is a great practice for getting a group up to speed as a unit and train for wars to come.
Become the king of the hill!

Holdings and wars

Clan and alliances.

Players in Darkfall: New Dawn can form clans, and these clans can form alliances. This is a diplomatic game just as much as it is about actual combat prowess. Find the strongest of allies, use attrition strategies and make the best use of propaganda to beat your enemies.
All is fair in love and war!

Large scale combat and conquest.
Sieges are the pinnacle of Darkfall: New Dawn’s content; involving hundreds of players in battles over holdings. These holdings are a limited resource in Agon, and you should always expect someone to look at what you have and want it.
Do you have what it takes to rule the world?