A day in Agon

7PM Good evening, Time to connect!

Start with completing quests, fighting monsters or unlocking
new abilities to improve your character.

PvE, and try to make friends at spawns.

Already have friends online? Join them and try to find a semi safe spawn to farm together.

Someone mentions an activity you could do as a group. You decide to meet up after dinner.

9PM Dinner’s over. Time for adventure!

Go PvE on hotspot spawns.

Go raid and kill enemies in their racial lands.

Hey wait a minute! The village controlled by your medium size clan is about to go live soon, you need to get ready for that. Keep that steady trickle of gold in your clan vault and some meditation points for your clan members.

10:30PM The battle is over, and it’s time to see what’s next.

Someone in your clan got a deal to sell local resources to the other side of the world. Let’s form a caravan and help out for a share of the profit!

11:15PM Time to go home

You are now on the other side of the world, but still have a boat and/or enough mounts: get back home with local resources to sell.

Midnight One last quest

Your clan/alliance still has many connected people:

Go make a difference in racial wars.

Or raid an enemy holding.

Or hunt a few of the larger monsters, like krakens or any of the mighty dragons.

1 AM Time to go to bed

Setup your meditation queue to keep leveling while you sleep.