Sandbox economy

and profit
all over the

  • More than battles

    There’s more to DarkFall: New Dawn than just fighting and conquering, there’s a thriving economy to serve both as a fuel and a goal for war.

    You, industry minded players are the glue that keeps such a world together!

Local banking and Long distance trading

Enjoy the thrill of business?
In Agon, all banks and markets are localized.
Use mount inventories or trading ships to move goods from one place to the other. Go at it alone or motivate your clan for a combined trade run. Become a dedicated trader who knows the ebb and flow of prices across the world! Localized resources will be a great source of wealth.

Fancy yourself an harvester?
All crafting component are spread across the map, and the further away from civilization you get, the more bountiful the harvest will be and the more advanced the resource, the more localized it will be!
Find the best location for the resource you’re looking for.

From the developers:
With localized storage and a global gold account, Darkfall: New Dawn is set to separate the world in multiple local economies which will need to be linked by enterprising players.

A more convenient world

A healthy economy as a source of freedom.
If you’re not interested in crafting or trading, what’s in it for you?
When a game attracts dedicated crafters and traders, all you have to be is a consumer.
Focus on what you really enjoy doing!

Player run economy
The marketplaces stand as a central feature to Darkfall: New Dawn due to the context it exists in. Players produce all goods: putting sellers and buyers in relation is crucial.
Place orders, and go on with your day.

Players will need gear everywhere, but a single crafter won’t be able to corner the entire world’s market. There will always be a niche for you, somewhere.