Clan diplomacy 

In this article we explain some changes and improvements we wish to do on clan diplomacy.
This should work well alongside our changes to holdings aimed at helping allies to cohabit easier.
We’re also trying to make war declarations meaningful and the “at war” status be a conscious choice rather than a fire and forget status.

First we’ll add utility to the clan friends list. This will be a list of individual players with the following rights:

  • Can bind to holdings
  • Receive clan buffs (but not alliance buffs)
  • Appear as allies (green)

Of course, they will lose all advantages and will become enemies as long as they are in an enemy clan

We’ll also add finer controls to zap tower:

  • Friends and friendly clans are not attacked.
  • Wary clans are attacked.

Both these diplomatic status will also be reflected with their own color in the UI and when hovering over a character of such a clan.

As we plan on doing for sieges, we will remove global announcement for diplomatic changes. Only involved clans and their allies will receive diplomacy changes updates.

Finally we will modify the “at war” state to have much more of an impact.
The idea is to have an attrition cost set on wars to offset a bit all the gains and buffs we’ve added through our other systems.
Please note that the numbers given here are just an example and we may alter them later. They will be also susceptible to be changed by our automatic inflation control feature. Which means those values will depend on how much gold exists in the game and will serve as gold sinks.

When a war is declared:

  • Enemies become orange (free to kill).
  • Their allies yellow (free to kill only if engaged in the fight).
  • When initiating a war declaration, there is an upfront cost of 500g per members in each clan involved and their allies.
  • If one of your allies is already at war with that clan, then you only pay 500g per members of your own clan.
  • For each day of war, you pay 100g for each member in the enemy alliance.

This can be seen as an abstraction of paying rulers for the right of killing enemies in town. The at war status will enable to reduce by two the cost of sieging watchtowers which should end up paying for itself if you win often enough.

This should reduce the amount of ongoing wars and ensure they occur only when necessary or for a conquest purpose. As a side bonus, it should cripple one man clans declaring wars on large clans just to kill their crafters.

Racial NPC cities just became a bit safer and friendlier for new players. But the game now needs ways to ease them into PvP.

Stay tuned for Racial Wars descriptions as an intermediary step until clan based combat.


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