As we said in our secondary flaws page, we consider holdings to not have enough uses
and want them to be much more central to Darkfall: New Dawn’s daily activities.

In order to attain this, we will tweak and improve many of the aspects of holdings ranging from customization to added social features.


First, we’ll be talking about cosmetic customization.
We want the race of the builder to determines the design of buildings added to the holding. With our tradeable recipe system, a builder that have access to other styles of buildings will be able to chose the racial design at build time, and can refactor to another style for 10% of the building’s cost.
We will eventually add more architecture styles later in the life of the game, once we have the resources for it. We hope to see great and unique combination coming from players.

We will be removing portal entrances and exits from the game. This goes along with local banking as a way to promote geographically bound powers and encourage organic trade routes.

Also, we will create new locations for clan resource nodes and we will be moving them outside of the walls. A mine should look like a mine and a quarry should be at the side of a mountain, a farm in a field and a grove should be in a forest.

In exchange, we will replace those building slots with a choice of utility buildings:

  • Arena: No durability losses and reagent/ammo losses. Perfect for duels and training new recruits.
  • Market place: people can rent vendors and pay a percentage of sales to the city.
  • Gnome trade-post: access to a banker and global gold accounts.
  • Tavern: Slowly charge a “morale buff” and mini games to socialize.
  • Hospital: Reduces/avoids death penalty, but has a maintenance cost.
  • Crafting tables not part of the original holding design (mostly useful for hamlets).
  • Foundry: In order to make warhulks more common.
  • Player village keep: more renting space. We’ll explain below.

The idea here is to have holdings owners be able to decide what is the most valuable for their players as there will always be something that they won’t have room for.


We believe that holdings should become social hubs not only for clan and alliance members but for neutral players too. Player interaction and political decision should have more factors and we think a great idea to improve that is to have holdings become villages under a clan control.
The owning clan would be landlords and noblemen of sorts and will have the choice to have civilian citizens that may help for defense or specifically move in for the promise of protection.

To that end, houses will be replaced by player village houses upgradeable up to large villa. Rather than be taken out of the system, the rent goes to the owning clan and its minimum price will be superior to the ones of npc cities.
The owning clan can then set a higher rent if they so wish, depending on what kind of service they offer or how desirable their location is.
Rents in villages and NPC cities are gold sinks and will vary according to gold inflation, player driven rents would have the advantage to be more stable. This also adds an incentive to own holdings and be the best landlord possible.

In order to foster an active community, we’ll add tools for owners to encourage players to stay in their holdings.

One of those is player created quests.

So far, here are the quest types that are planned:

  • Be engaged in x number of hostile killed in system.
  • Gank player XYZ. (bounties)
  • Bring x number of y.
  • Be engaged in a village/watchtower victory. (for clan members)

We believe those should be enough to cover most cases and will allow active clan leadership to keep their community active and reward the collaboration of their members.


We also intend on improving the way holdings are shared amongst player alliances.
The first step being that all allies gain the buffs provided by holdings in their vicinity. These extends also to renters. There will also be ways to set access rights for doors and other actions for alliance members and renters.

Not only alliances but clans will be able to have individual characters be considered as friends and be allowed to bind in one, several or all of their holdings. For example, a regular trade partner that can come and go to fulfill quests as if they were trade requests.

Positively aligned clans will be able to have their holdings act as racial territory:

  • Their territory is considered racial and gain the corresponding buffs in addition to clan/alliance buffs.
  • All blue members of their racial alliance can bind to their bind stone for free.

As a challenge given to players, if an alliance owns all holdings on a sub-continent, their alliance and eventual racial buffs will be global to that subcontinent.

And finally, as a quality of life tool, we’ll add a way to trade holdings without sieges.


Along becoming more feature complete social hubs, we want holdings to have an increased value to be even more of a reason to fight over. This means making them the optimal strategic choice to pursue in order to achieve long term victory.

The first step, is weirdly enough to add a maintenance cost. The reasoning is that we’ll add enough incentives for individual players to be in a holding that we need a way to counter it at the global economical level. Each faucet needs an equal sink.
Our early idea is to make maintenance cost 100g per day per bound player. Which would end up being 10k a day for 100 players. This would of course not apply to the free racial alliance binds. The consequences would be that random clan/alliance members will be unbound proportionally to the amount not paid.

This is an easy amount to gather per day but still is a gold sink and will prevent unorganized clans to maintain holdings too easily. Being a good landlord is once again put forward and being a holding manager will be an active and dedicated role.
It will also allow for attrition war to have a purpose. If an enemy can raid enough to prevent a clan from farming what they need, they will end up losing the practicality of their holdings.

In exchange, we’ll add the following buffs:

  • Rents revenue will be a great way of supporting clan and alliance members.
  • The new utility buildings will add more uses and activities for holdings.
  • The questing system will be a great way to organize a clan.
  • Being racial territory will provide extra buffs for members and more defenders.
  • Clan buffs can be improved by consuming special resources:
    • Starting at +1% in stats, it will increase by +0.4% increment per unique resources not produced by the holding.
    • Each holding produces one kind of resource depending on its location.
    • A player eligible for buffs consumes one of each resource per day.
    • To get clan buffs for 12h of game time, a player needs to stay in a keep for 10mins.
  • Crates will have additional uses:
    • Increase siege costs.
    • Have 1% chance each to reduce special resources buff costs.
    • Can be harvested by raiders.
  • Nodes near a clan node gain increased rare resources drop rates.
  • Items crafted in player holdings are slightly more effective.
  • Crafting in a player holding costs 15% less and is 15% faster.
  • As clan nodes are now outside city walls, walls now gain an “anti scaling” aura that prevent enemies from jumping magically above them.
  • Players can craft ladders to bypass this aura and still climb the walls.
  • System detection messages are only triggered when a character has been damaged and now depend on line of sight.


While wall now have a scaling protection, it comes in exchange for the maintenance costs that bound characters now have.
This protection won’t be perfect, as it can be entirely bypassed by craftable ladders.
Alongside this, we are removing the system detection range for holdings. To be detected, players must be damaged withing the range of the city, be it by a zap tower or another player, which both require line of sight.

The combination of these changes means that now sneaking into a player holding is a bit slower, but is also a lot more discreet than what it used to be. There won’t be the alerting sound of a noisy spell, or instant magical detection, which means raiders will be able to sneak up much closer to their intended targets.
On the other hand, when defenders do react, they can actually win a defense by destroying the ladders of their invaders.

We are considering adding new workbenches that allow crafters to launch crafting actions without having to be stuck on location during the process. This should allow players that only have short play sessions to make the best of them and join friends in their adventures. But these workbenches will also be vulnerable for destruction and would be the perfect target for hit and run attacks using ladders. Making raiding a holding actually lucrative at the small scale.


As we mentioned above, walls and crates will be buffed, but we also alluded to raiders.
Large scale raids are sort of mini sieges that will enable attacks with a purpose other than just chain ganking whomever is around in the city.

Raid stones will be versions of siege stones that will be placeable within close proximity of holdings. They’ll be available through crafting or bought from NPCs. Once placed they will shoot a beam of light to the nearest wall and start a 15 minutes timer. Owners of the holding will get a bit of time to regroup and prevent the raid from occurring.

If the raid stone hasn’t been destroyed at the end of the timer, the scaling protection of that section of wall will be shut down for as long as the raid stone is standing and for 5 additional minutes after it gets destroyed.
When scaling protections are down, players will be able to use spells or craftable ladders to climb over that specific wall.

During a raid, crates will become vulnerable to “impact” damage. Once destroyed they will drop a portion of the holding’s special resources reserve. Of that amount, a subpart is destroyed and removed from the economy. If all crates get destroyed, then the raiders may get aways with 25% of the holding’s reserves and 5% will get destroyed for negative sum PvP.

This will end up giving a choice to holdings owners to either have their reserves 100% safe but be inevitably consumed, or build/repair crates and have chances to reduce consumption but at the risk of getting raided.

Raids should be great multi tiered fights, starting outside the walls and around the raid stone, then on the walls as the raiders try to gain a foothold then through the streets for urban guerrilla warfare.

Of course, there will be an invulnerability window of 6h where raids cannot be triggered and after a raid occurs, there will be an invulnerability period of 45 minutes to avoid constant raiding. If all crates have been destroyed, then there is no point in raiding again.

These raids will definitely motivate players to defend their territory and have quick defense protocols. But Agon is a wide world and players can’t be expected to always be on patrol duty. Fortunately, we will be introducing tools to represent territory, improve it and defend it.

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