Just like our spawns, we want villages to scale up according to how many people get involved with the capture. The idea is to get people to go after them with as many people as possible so as to get medium scale action daily.

Here are the specifics:

  • Each player that hits a control point or heals/buff a player ”engaged”:
    • adds 15% of base life to the control point
    • gains the engaged state with that control points
    • adds 50% of control point’s base loot to the winnings
  • Control points life pools are unique for each clan but are still increased by exterior attackers.
  • When the control point is destroyed there is an instant reward for all players engaged against the village point. They receive it in their backpack.
  • The area around a village becomes lawless 15mins before getting vulnerable
  • The area stays lawless for 15mins after capture

The result should be some kind of king of the hill scenario, promoting staying power rather than last hit glory. Also, villages are now worth fighting for, and the more people fight for them, the more it is worth coming back after a death. Especially to kill the victors and gain their instant reward.

Past the instant reward for individual clan members, there will be ongoing gains:

  • Hourly, the clan receives gold and a random chance of loot in a named bag in the clan vault.
  • Hourly, players that were engaged against the point when it fell receive meditation points
  • every hour, the amount of MP and the bounty gained is increased by 1%
  • if the same clan recaptures the village, the percentage is kept.

This should discourage village hoping, making one round and getting many villages to be lost after one control not that effective. There is more to gain by defending, more to lose when failing and it gives an incentive to capture villages of clan that have been owning them for a while to make them lose their advantage.

We hope that people will choose only one or two villages near each other to maintain control over. And if they manage to do more, then they will definitely deserve the  rewards.

Morale and other charged effects:

Charged buffs/debuffs are effects triggered in certain areas and that get more potent and lasting the more they are refreshed. The effects are mostly relevant to the environment they are acquired in and will have a maximum potency and duration.

Here is a first draft of these buffs and eventual effects:

  • Morale: positive skill up modifier.
  • Rested: Increase health/stamina/mana regeneration.
  • Comfort: slightly increase max health/stamina/mana.

And they would be gained from zones such as:

  • Taverns/keeps.
  • Private homes.
  • Sitting down/resting areas.

They wouldn’t be gained afk but by performing “buff other” activities such as:

  • Dancing.
  • Playing card/board games.
  • Sitting in the same zone.
  • Cheering together.
  • Player doing “exotic dances”.

We’re also considering adding charged debuffs, but nothing fleshed out just yet. Early ideas would be similar to being scared at night in a graveyard, or hot near lave and even tired by being out of a “rested” effect for too long. These would come at a later point.

These features should encourage socialization and give a use for buildings, especially for player housing and the Rested effect, or the taverns/keeps for the Morale.
We’re considering adding a slower charging version of all three effects when logging off in a private home. Which by extension would give more value to the blue status and NPC cities apartments.


First and foremost, we will finally add a way to trade a house properly.

Then we’re changing how the individual slots behave. Their current type of house will now be their maximum possible upgrade and all housing slot start as a cottage that can then be upgraded.

Players will need a cottage deed just to reserve the location, but deeds will now be available from more than one source:

  • Bought from regional councilors as a gold and materials sink.
  • Through chaos chest and reward table, to serve as a cool event and a big event for newer or poorer players.

As the house will start as a cottage, it will need to be upgraded up to its maximum level. Deeds act as blueprint for these upgrades and need to be applied to the location 22h before being able to start the building process. A house in that phase shows a timer similar to how it shows when the house is about to go free. Once the building phase starts, the owners have a window of 2 hours to bring all the required materials. If the upgrade progress is not finished in that time, the deed is consumed and all materials already used will be dropped around the house and free for all.

Upgrades will cost enough to need a caravan or be harvested on location and upgrading will take, depending on the tier of the housing project, 5 to 25 minutes of uninterrupted interaction.
The idea here is that while houses are safe as long as players pay their taxes, we wanted to add more moments in the life of a house where it is a source of conflict. The upgrading process is also a great way to have a sense of achievements for players and an interesting material sink.

We will adapt large villa slots to be a branching progression. Players will have a choice between upgrading to:

  • A large villa, with more household bind spots.
  • A tavern, with social activities and charged buffs but less household bind spots.
  • A Workshop, which will have buffs for crafting on craft stations and advanced vendors features.

Keep level housing slots will have the ability to be expanded up to:

  • A keep, with even more household bind spots.
  • An Inn, an upgraded Tavern with some temporary bind slots that are “rented” by anyone willing.
  • An advanced workshop, which will be able to have a foundry and will have even more buffs to crafting alongside more craft station slots.


Along those changes on how houses are obtained and upgraded, we will be adding some quality of life improvements to  the system:

  • Everything from a player house will be craftable except for vendors.
  • Vendors will be rented from NPC cities.
  • We’ll keep random loots in too as rewards and reasons to go explore the world.
  • Taxes depend on house size and the amount of characters bound.
  • A player can own several houses but:
    • He can be bound to only one house.
    • Taxes increase by 1.X, X being the amount of house owned.
  • a player can be bound to another player’s house but:
    • He needs to be in that person’s allowed list.
    • He needs to physically go there.
    • There needs to be an empty bind spot in the house.
  • A dead player can chose to respawn at his bind-house or his bindstone.
  • Houses will have three list of players. Household, Visitors and blacklist.
  • Household functionalities:
    • Can bind there.
    • Can open/close door.
    • Can pay taxes.
    • Can use crafting stations.
    • Access his own section of the vendor.
    • Access his own section of the safe.
    • Access a household common section of the safe.
  • Visitor functionalities:
    • Can open/close door.
    • Can pay taxes.
    • Can use crafting stations
  • Blacklisted functionalities:
    • Those players cannot even purchase items on vendors.
    • They won’t be able to use temporary bind spots in Inns.
  • Household/visitors may pay house taxes, but no one else can.
  • Base taxes in player villages are the highest (village>player city>npc city)

We will also change the behavior when a house goes live for recapture:

  • No need for a deed anymore.
  • The capture makes loud noises of building (hammer, saw).
  • The capture lasts: level of house x 3mins (3 to 15mins)
  • The capture razes the house to the ground (mat and gold sink)
  • The content of the safe, vendor and some rare loots are dropped
  • A capture is interrupted if the capturer is damaged in melee

The idea here is to make village housing more customizable and advantageous and as such they should cost the most as a base price. They are great tools to create safe havens and for small groups to create a home for themselves. Having close access to the capture point is also a big advantage.
We hope to see players use the taverns and the workshops to create great social hubs in villages while keeps would serve as guild housing.

Npc cities apartments will have almost no customization but are the cheapest. It’s to give low level players access to a home and the related charged buff, give cities a life if their own and yet still give incentive to move out and go in more risky places.

Player holding housing will have protection advantages, but less customization. There is a minimum price for renting in a player holding, and owners may increase it. It is also vulnerable to political changes and require an heavier time investment. But it comes with the buffs and advantages from holdings

These features serves as a prelude to clan warfare and the next step is for a clan to acquire their own holdings.

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