Wild nodes are advanced nodes similar to clan nodes that we will be placed throughout the world.
The area around wild nodes will be lawless, which means that there will be no alignment penalty to fight around them.
If two characters are engaged against each other and leave a lawless area, there won’t be any alignment penalties either.


Our goal with these nodes is to create hotspots for players that miss the old “if it moves, kill it” mentality of the original Darkfall.
We have designed a lot of systems to prevent players from killing each other blindly, and having opt-in systems in the game that allow for complete free for all death matches will add variety.

Those wild nodes will have increased rare ore drops, including racial gear components, and will require characters to have the corresponding gathering title in order to harvest them.
Normal nodes in an area around them will also have increased chances of interesting loot and can be harvested by all characters.

The idea here is to have groups come in, escorting harvester characters and harvest on their own while covering the area. We want players to make a choice between conserving stamina, keeping an eye out or maximizing gains.

It is going to be one of our earliest attempt at using the world building tools and our goal is to add them in locations designed like battle arenas.
For example, a mine being an actual mine with multiple entrances and tunnels where fighting will be in very close quarters. Or a quarry that is in the middle of urban ruins, harvesting antique marble to build up cities, and having fights be house to house with some vertical elements.


We will also add wild fishing nodes. Those will be small sea areas where a ship equipped with fishing nets will have increased rare loot chances. The longer a ship stays in an area, the more frequent loot becomes. There will be a maximum frequency and that maximum will be lowered by how contested the zone is. A ship will want to be alone in the zone.

The aim being to have daily reasons to get a crew together and try to learn how to do ship combat.
There too we want to create interesting areas. Perhaps between a bunch of icebergs where captains duke back and forth out of cover while their cannoneers try to get a shot on enemy ships. Or in a very agitated see where strong currents shakes the ships around and deviate them from their course.
Since staying in the area  grants a passive reward, we’re expecting that escapes would be possible as winners will just drive away the competition and try to stay in the area as long as possible.
It should be the safest way to experience naval combat and get some loot for those that know when to quit.

In the end, this system is an activity that player will be able to enjoy daily and that is extremely player driven. But those locations will be neutral and will offer occasional rewards. What about players looking for a more personal reason to PvP?

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