Interface & random improvements

Darkfall, for all its merits, had some weird quirks.
Whether it was in the user interface or some simple changes that would have improved the ease of use of the game, there was a some lack of polish here and there.
We hope to be able to fix that.  Here is a list of some of our random thoughts, in no specific order.

Those changes are based off of memory, and as the InDev server gets played, we are sure that we will get plenty of feedback of what can be improved.

Controls and user interface improvements

  • Right click is blocking by default, with interface trigger switched to ~ or ² or escape.
  • Generic button for whirlwind, power attack, and other melee skills.
  • Anti carpal tunnel syndrome features:
    • Permanent auto attack but waiting 50% of swing time in between each swing. It would be faster by hand, but not straining too much for pve.
    • Slow auto looting: 1.5s for one random object, inventory would be locked during that time. Slower than by hand, but avoid too much repetition in pve. A loot bag can be set.
  • Toggled sprint: we have auto run, why not auto sprint?
  • Context impacted keys: If having a staff out then key E becomes a certain spell, if weapon it is power attack. Configurable by user.
  • Double binds hotbar slots, for 1h+shield or staff+default spell.
  • Server side storage of interface and controls settings.
  • This include banks and clan vaults, so someone can organize for the others.
  • The hotbar can be switched to horizontal.
  • Drag and dropping on bags put items inside the bag.
  • Bags and paperdoll can be resized.
  • Bags can be left open for when you bring up gui (like the backpack).
  • When crafting, you can define a container for the resulting items.
  • Add a check at the end of a swing: If the parry key is pressed, then start parrying.
  • When selecting a skill and then clicking in mid swing, do not reset selection. If out of swing, activate skill and clear selection.
  • Switch fishing targeting: as long as there is water in front and bellow you, it works (easier to fish from most ships or from a bridge)
  • Remove lean left/right on mounts. Just lean automatically where you aim.
  • You can cancel a spell/arrow by clicking parry after the cast period is over and you are in the “holding it” phase. A percentage of resources will still be spent.
  • If you release the button during cast time, you may still re-hold it. (now it casts the spell/arrow anyway. Long casts are painful to keep held)
  • The ability for a player to select what color he wants to see names:
    • daltonic people who have trouble seeing red-green.
    • Friends list.
    • The clan Kill On Sight list that exists and is useless.
    • The wary and friendly diplomatic states that are useless.

More will come as we play the game again.

Random thoughts

Not everything is big enough to deserve a full section or page, but many small changes would have improved the game. There are also a lot of things we haven’t fleshed out yet and are just a concept jolted down on a piece of numeric paper.

Here is a list of those:

  • Visible gauntlets and moving bow string.
  • Boost shields defenses dramatically to make 1h viable on the ground too.
  • Craftable telescope (zoom + check names from great distance).
  • Fix knockbacks to always work properly and in all direction.
  • Potential falling damages changes:
    • Cap increased to 120.
    • When reaching 1hp, does ½ damages on stamina.
    • When reaching 0 stam, you die
  • NPC zap towers should engage and disengage targets at the same distance.
  • Churches have a charged buff per race.
  • Complete armor sets.
  • Fix and improve the weather system.
  • Reputation/accountability system:
    • Vote up someone you consider trustworthy, vote down for opposite.
    • Clan/allies members and former clan members vote do no count up.
    • However they count double when are a vote down.
    • Voting has a cooldown and you see who voted
  • Blocking / parrying have a timing component reducing costs for the defender and increasing for the attacker. Maybe a rebuke?
  • Disabling needs to hit a bocking target.
  • Blocking with a staff with a preselected perk:
    • Physical block, consumes mana instead of stamina.
    • Spell shield, block magic spells, regain mana when well timed.
    • Magic wall, creates a tangible wall 1 meter in front of the player while he channels. Damages increase channeling costs.
  • Channeling spells, like earthquake or healing chant, follow the player.
  • Introduce non magic utilities, like bandages, napalm grenades, crossbows, etc.
  • Some chaos vaults, similar to chaos chests but guarded by mobs.

For these as well we are hoping to get more suggestions from the community as release comes closer and as we all get to play the game again.

From now on we will post pages and articles about systems that will come later down the line, either as technical upgrades or as expansion mater

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