Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title.
These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional.
The idea is to let players focus on specific aspects of their playstyle at the expense of reduced effectiveness in other aspects.

The overall goal is to allow newer players, or more casual players, to focus on a limited amount of skills and still be viable.

Full hybrid characters will have the advantages of versatility and will be preferable for players that have had a lot of time to spend improving their player skills. We’re just trying to ease the pain of not having reached that point yet, or not wanting to. What we want is to allow players to create the character that fits what they enjoy playing or what they are good at.

In use, it will be very similar to a loadout system in traditional FPSes, but will be an opt-in feature. Player freedom was a great selling point of Darkfall, and this title system will add even more to it.


A character may use only a handful of titles at the same time. Once activated, a title cannot be changed for a week. The aim of this system is to give people means to put an emphasis on a specific play style they like, not to have them switch whenever they please.
That luxury of adaptability is reserved for “vanilla” characters.

Titles unlock some boons on activation. For example a new spell when activating a “fire mage” title. It will also give the full drawbacks straight away.
A title will take several months to reach its level 100 and will raise over time as long as the character account is subscribed. There will be a diminishing return as early points will be granted every few hours while later points will be granted every few days.

The progressive effect will generally improve subskills related to the selected playstyle.
For our fire mage example, it will double the impact of the fire school subskills. Which means in the case of a mastery +20% rather than +10% damage.

The drawbacks will generally be to just lockout subskills effects. For instance, our fire mage would lose access to melee masteries, doing 10% less damage with melee compared to a vanilla character. 20% less than a character specialized in a certain weapon.

When a title is deselected, it will slowly lose level at the same rate it gained them, so experimenting won’t be punishing.

Some of the titles will also have several tiers of commitment, or will require other titles to be active, increasing gains by a bit but increasing drawbacks by a lot. Players will have the choice to completely discard an aspect of their characters for some additional perks on what they intend to use. It will still impact subskills only.
However, we’re considering adding titles at a later date that function like an opposing school lockdown. But we’re still hesitant on that and want to balance how our normal titles behave first to introduce these in a stable meta game.

Titles will be obtained throughout the world as a reward for new quests.
These won’t be “kill 500 monsters” type of quests but will be related to the title itself and its purpose.


There will be five types of titles:

  • Combat: those will impact combat effectiveness by increasing one aspect and decreasing another. Some will come with unique active abilities as well.
  • Utility: those will range from improving quest rewards to granting swimming speed.
  • Crafting: those will improve trueforge skills for a specific type of items and will unlock unique recipes.
  • Gathering: those will improve gathering skills, alter what can be looted or even unlock access to new types of nodes.
  • Operators: those will be like math operators and will be placed between two other titles. They’ll permit combination or additions of title effects that shouldn’t occur.

All titles compete for the same pool of slots.

Initially, we are thinking of 5 slots, with some titles taking up more than one slot and others taking less than one. The idea is to be able to pick and chose a variety of titles and reach a desired playstyle without being too much limited.

A character could have for instance two combat titles, one utility title, one gathering title and one crafting title. This would result in a balanced playstyle touching all aspect of game play in narrow ways.

Another character could have a utility title focused on trade,two crafting titles and two gathering titles. This character would be focused on being a crafter.

And finally, a character could equip only utility titles and remain a full hybrid combat focused character.

This system should provide a lot of player choices and give a sense of “doing their own thing”.


Please keep in mind this is a temporary list just to illustrate the concept.
None of the numbers presented are final and neither are the titles guaranteed to end up being implemented at launch.
There will be balance betas to decide on those points.

That said, here is a list of titles we had in mind:

  • Combat:
    • Marksman: better damages to all ranged non magical attacks.
    • Rapid fire: faster rate of fire for all ranged non magical attacks.
    • Veteran: improved resilience to damage.
    • Elite: (requires Veteran active) improved resilience to damage.
    • Natural Fighter: improvement to everything melee.
    • Genius Warrior: (requires Natural Fighter) improvement to everything melee.
    • Magic Affinity: improvement to everything magic.
    • Magic Atonement: (requires Magic Affinity) improvement to everything magic.
    • Swordsman: (locks magic subskills) double subskills effectiveness for 1h and 2h swords.
    • Air Magic Proficiency: (locks melee subskills except daggers) double subskills effectiveness.
    • Support Mage: (locks melee subskills w/o daggers)
      • + 25% heal others/buff others, – 50% attack spells damages.
    • Arcane Mage: (locks melee subskills w/o daggers)
      • + 25% arcane type spells, – 50% all other spells.
    • Channeler: channeled spells cost less mana and are more potent.
    • Rider: increased damages, maneuverability and reduced stamina drain on mounts
  • gathering:
    • Master Lumberjack: increase chances of rare wood and multi loot.
    • Unrelenting Gatherer: Consumes less stamina when harvesting.
    • Efficiently Resourceful: can tap in an extra 25 loot on each node.
    • Reagents Affinity: resources and reagents inverted. 2x harvest time.
    • Gore Affinity: better skinning loot. 2x harvest time.
    • Generally lucky: Slight increase in rare drops in any gathering.
    • Battle harvester: Can harvest “wild mines”. Nodes equivalent to clan nodes but set up in the wild.
  • crafting:
    • Master Sword-smith: Increases durability and base damages of swords. May repair swords.
    • Master repairer: No limitation on repairs, uses less mats.
    • Efficient Craftsman: uses less mats for all crafts.
    • Naturally Talented: slight improve at all crafting rolls.
    • Chain Worker: crafts modules of all kind for less mats
    • Tamer: Unique mounts and Advanced mounts with hp regen.
  • Utility:
    • Trader: reduces money transfer duration, rent and sale taxes.
    • Caravan Leader: May have up to 6 pack mules instead of 1.
    • Mercenary: PvE quest rewards increased.
    • Treasure Hunter: slightly better overall loot tables mobs/chests.
    • Acrobat: better jumps and movement spells, less fall damages
    • Survivor: all regens faster, better heals/stats up.
    • Sailor: swims for less stamina, may jump out of the water.
    • Captain: improves speed and maneuverability of ships.
    • Cannoneer: improves damages and fire rate of canons.
    • Pilot: improves speed and maneuverability of warhulks.
  • Operators:
    • combination: can be placed between two titles that should cancel each other. For instance, swordsman and magic affinity.
    • hybrid: if placed between two specific titles will merge them into one. For instance, Swordsman and air magic would replace melee abilities with variants that take mana and stamina and have additional effects. (whirlwind being an actual whirlwind, for example)

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