Commission points

Commission points are a currency  obtained in war fronts or in certain racial quests/events. Commission points are one of the very few things in Darkfall that won’t drop on death.

The goal of adding such a currency is to have something of value for players to earn in racial war fronts. For established players, it will be to trade in for  advantages or keeping positive alignment buffs active. For newer players, it will be a great way to get into the game, earn some early equipment through PvP and have a generally more positive experience.

It will also be used as a balance mechanic to encourage players to fight back even when losing.

Anyway, here are some facts about commission points:

  • They are undroppable, but can be traded to another player or banked.
  • 10% additional commission points are added to a global clan commission vault.
  • They are mainly gained in War Front Zones.
  • A small amount of commission points is gained at death.
  • A medium amount of commission points is gained for each death of an engaged enemy.
  • A large amount of commission points is gained when being engaged at the successful capture/defense of a racial control point.

To serve as a catch up mechanic and a motivation to fight back, commission gains are modified by the percentage of control point owned by the opposing teams on the specific front you are on:

  • When losing a front, you gain more commission to re-win it.
  • Winning a control point when being the underdog grants much more.
  • When winning a front, you have more racial land bonuses

The first purpose of commission points is to enable the patriotic state that unlocks racial territory buffs. Since they can be traded between players, and some commission points are added automatically to global clan accounts, players living geographically far away from war fronts can still get access to the patriotic status through trading or clan sharing.

A secondary purpose of commission points is to make playing war fronts a self sustainable activity.

There will be NPCs in War Front Zones that will exchange commission for:

  • GOLD / meditation points.
  • Reagents / arrows / battlespikes.
  • Base gear up to r40 / bone armor / plate armor.
  • Food / potions.
  • Racial mounts.
  • A version of each cannon that can be placed only in war fronts
  • A version of each war hulk that can be spawned in war fronts only. If driven out of the zone, the driver is warned and after 30 secs, they self destruct.(gives time to turn back)

Note that we removed meditation points purchase with gold, which makes commission points even more valuable.
The base gear has only base durability and no enchants so it will be inferior to crafted gear.
We wanted to get people to try and enjoy the big tools in the game, so war fronts should see a lot of cannon and warhulk usage.

The goal here is to let individual players try to live off racial wars and give an alternative way of progressing a character through PvP only. It will be less efficient than group PvE or territory control, but it will open up new possibilities.

But that’s not all we want to achieve with racial warfare. We want it to be relevant to organized groups as well and be a gateway to high end PvE.

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