Contested center dungeon

This change is inspired by other games that had very successful faction warfare.
The main idea is to give a reason for organized groups or more PvE oriented players to join war fronts.

To that end, we will transform the center dungeon in a global racial alliance reward that gets unlocked once the majority of the central war front gets captured by a racial alliance. If there are players in it at the time the dungeon changes hands, they will still have the ability to exit, but will be at risk of being purged by the new owners.

We will expand the dungeon with world building and we will do some technical alterations:

  • No one can teleport in or out of the dungeon.
  • Center dungeon has a base x1.5 skill up modifier.
  • Racial + racial alliance bonus are effective in the dungeon.
  • Center dungeon will remain a maze with several high end spots.
  • Center dungeon will have various high level chests.
  • Alignment changes are doubled in the dungeon.
  • The center dungeon is the only way to reach the Demon lair.

The demon lair will not be just one encounter but will become a reason to camp 24/7 with very high risks but also very high rewards.

  • Players cannot port in or out of the demon lair.
  • The Demon respawns every 4h + 0-2h random variance.
  • The Demon respawn time has a map timer.
  • The Demon has his base loot buffed in addition to scaling.
  • The Demon chest is removed from Agon but will be reintroduced again later on.
  • The lair is also home of Demon Spawnlings that:
    • do not spawn when demon is alive.
    • spawn one individual for each player in the area.
    • spawn every 2mins, even if already spawned.(swarm if not handled)
    • provide no skillup and no loot except for “chaos accretion” tools.
  • There are “chaos crystals” in the demon lair:
    • They can be harvested with a chaos accretion tool.
    • Each tick they drop as a random advanced node.
    • They are an infinite source.

The idea here is that you may gain a lot of skill ups and loot and mats trough the center dungeon and demon lair, but you can be cut off at any time by your side losing the control, you can be wiped by the spawnlings or the Demon itself and you cannot port out.

You have to run back from the dungeon trough a warzone to your racial area before being able to recall/bank.

We expect this change to be a great source of conflict and provide tense situations, epic victories and catastrophic failures.

Now that we have touched upon both our clan and racial warfare, maybe it is time that we talk a bit about warfare tools.

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