War fronts

We consider racial warfare to be one of those systems we call “gamey” as it will be a bit more artificial than our more sandbox features.
But it’s for a good cause: this is our entry level PvP.

What we mean by this is that it will have a lower barrier of entry than clan warfare. It will allow newer players, casual or smaller groups of dedicated player to experience large scale combat without the burden of maintaining war status, defending holdings and setting up watchtowers networks.

Of course this would come with lower rewards than carving your own piece of land but will serve as a good proving ground for players and clans preparing to join the highly competitive world that is Agon.

War fronts

War fronts will be our first effort at world building.
This is the first system we create that will require us to create actual content rather than player interactions, as such it will be refined over time and will see many changes as we learn the tools and observe player behaviors.

In short, war fronts are areas of the game that have special rules and will have objectives to capture in the name of your racial alliance. Those are zones where you cannot use instant travel to teleport in or out. Alignment gains and penalties are also doubled.

There will be two kind of fronts:

  • The borderlands war fronts, in between each racial homelands, providing buffs to a single race.
  • The central war front, in the middle of Agon, providing buffs to the whole racial alliance.

Each war front will have a specific amount of objectives to capture and the capture mechanics will be similar to the player holdings siege mechanics but with much smaller timers.

We want the front lines to be stable enough for people to feel rewarded, but still see daily/hourly progress to not feel as a stalemate or a meaningless grind.
These mechanics will be fine tuned as we get to play test them with the playerbase.

We intend to keep some interesting “no man’s land” vibe in those areas. Seeing that back in the days is what inspired us for these systems.

The chaos cities at the central zone will remain and the braves will still be able to go in and out and try to take down the high end mobs that live there. But now with added challenge.

Racial wars bonuses

The idea here is to motivate global cooperation through individualistic greed.
As older games have proven, this kind of 3 way warfare works and is self regulatory if winning gives reasons for players to go out and use what they earned in other parts of the game.

As always, keep in mind that all numbers are bound to change and are given as an illustration of the intent. A lot of the details are still up in the air.

Borderlands Racial War Fronts have for capturable objectives:

  • 10 Supply camps: +1 drop on nodes for this racial land.
  • 6 Guard Towers: +0.05 skillup modifier in this racial land.
  • 3 keeps: +1% drop rate in this racial land.

The Center War Front has:

  • 20 Supply Camps: +1 drop on nodes in racial alliance lands.
  • 10 Guard Towers: +0.05 skillup modifier in racial alliance lands.
  • 7 Keeps: +1% drop rate in racial alliance lands.

Which would result in a rounded up average(max) bonus in racial alliance territories:

  • +17 (40) items in harvesting nodes
  • +0.5(1.1) skillup modifier
  • +6%(10%) drop rate

Racial war bonuses are only for players that are considered “patriotic” and are on land owned by their racial alliance. A mahirim would get Ork land bonuses when in Ork land. So they can fight in those borderlands as well.

A blue player is considered “patriotic” when in the last 10h of game time he has gained “commission” by other means than player trade. Commission points are a currency designed to balance out our racial wars, it is explained in the next page so keep on reading.
Alternatively, blue players may buy war bonds at their capital city and be considered patriotic for some time. (helping the war effort through a gold sink)
Blue players under the newbie protection are considered “patriotic” for the duration of their protection + the regular 10 hours. (they are just “kids”)

Of course, players lose this state if they go red or are part of an ARAC clan/alliance.

Watchtower and clan territory interactions

It was capital for us that the racial wars do not interfere in what we consider the ultimate end game of Darkfall: empire building. To that end, and you’ve seen glimpses of it already, the watchtower feature and racial warfares interact with each other.

First and foremost, clan territory can be set to be considered as racial alliance territory. Which means that clans have incentives to see war fronts succeed. We hope to see some clans lead the charge, provide a backbone and mentor the community.
We expect a lot of inter clan drama too, which is always fascinating.

Watchtowers can be sieged by anyone, which means that a viable strategy to win a war front could be to attack a specific clan’s territory to draw them away from racial objectives.

In addition, and this is the most interesting part: War fronts can be captured with watchtowers.

As clans expand their territories, they can overlap with war fronts. When that happens, a clan gets the option to build a watchtower on the nearest captured objective and expand on the adjacent ones. Once they have a watchtower and an objective near a “side” of a war front, they can expand their territory normally on the other side.
This means that a racial land can be conquered by another race if enough players work together

By capturing and taking ownership of war front objectives, a clan/alliance can increase their clan buffs as they improve their faction buffs.
ARAC clans/alliances can capture war fronts too, except that when they win, they keep the buffs for themselves only.

We want this to be seen as a challenge to the community.
Players will really be able to go after capturing the whole world, either as a racial alliance and collaborating with random players, or as an independent force forging their dominion over the world and challenging the racial kingdoms.

Of course, we will try to keep this whole system balanced and remaining an easy to get involved with mechanic.

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