One of our biggest gripe with the original Darkfall is that the population took an habit of not caring for their fellow race members.
Whether you were of the same blood or unable to breed, the first reaction of a Darkfall player is to kill whoever they meet and take their stuff.

So we chose to give incentive in loyalty and cooperation:

  • In their racial alliance territory, blue players will receive various buffs
  • Racial NPC cities will rent cheap apartments to blue players.
  • Racial NPC cities will have market places where blue player can hire vendors to sell their wares.
  • A good deal of repeatable quests where rewards are tiered by comparing the duration of your blue status.
  • Some monster spawns will have increased skill up modifiers for blue players.

Your clan and alliances will also be judged when determining if you are blue or not. Darkfall allows players to form “All Races, All Classes” clans, otherwise know as ARAC clans. This is another example of freedom we intend to keep in New Dawn, but balance with some drawbacks.
You will lose racial buffs and the ability to rent/hire in town if your clan is allied with ARAC clans, and being part of an ARAC clan will make you go rogue permanently.

Also, thanks to the engagement system, if you’re engaged in a fight on a racial enemy’s side, you will go rogue for the duration of your engagement allowing players to defend themselves without losing alignment and guaranteeing you’ll get consequences for your  actions.

One interesting thing is, holdings of racial clans or racial clan alliances are considered part of the racial alliance territory, so they will have additional zone buffs compared to ARAC holdings. But ARAC holdings will have other advantages, we’ll come to it much later.

We’ll also outline later how we’ll flesh out the housing system to make apartments valuable and what type of buffs racial territory will provide.

Anyway, that’s not fixing everything, see, part of the problem is that players in Darkfall do not need each other. Doing PvE as a group was even an hindrance.

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