This system is one of the corner stones of Darkfall: New Dawn. It will serve to balance the alignment mechanic, to reward players for their actions and to increase the challenge of the game.
It’s the first step of making the game function as a virtual world with meaningful player interactions.

  • Players are permanently engaged in racial wars.
  • If you hit or debuff an entity, you become engaged in a fight against that entity.
  • If you hit an entity being part of a spawn / group / clan / alliance you become engaged in a fight with that collective.
  • If you heal or buff someone engaged, you become engaged in all fights this player was engaged in. Including racial wars.
  • You can be engaged with an unlimited amount of collectives.

In more details:

  • Engagement is a scale from -100 to +100 being with/against a collective.
  • Each hit/debuff gives +1 engagement with target.
  • Each heal/buff gives -1 engagement with target.
  • Engagement takes current_value X 10 seconds to dissipate by one point.

It’s purpose is to let us determine if you are part of a battle and on which side you are on. The scale system enables some soft handling of accidental friendly fire and avoid easy disengaging.

It will help us handle situations such as one member of your group or an allied clan is being attacked by an enemy you do not have in common.You should be able to help him honorably, without losing alignment.

Perhaps you’ve done most of the work on fighting off a raid of bandits and yet, did not get the kill ? No matter, you still will receive positive alignment for your brave deeds.

Or if you helped the bandits instead, you will get engaged on their side of the battle and share all their alignment losses.

As you can see, our alignment system is more precise than the original one. But why would you want to remain blue if it doesn’t disadvantage to be red ?

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