Warhulks revamp

The general idea is to give all warhulks a reason to be used and make them a common sight in Agon. We’ve already added plenty of daily objectives, but we also need to make warhulks combat engaging and a real selling point for Darkfall.

Let’s get straight to business:

  • Warhulks cost less to craft. Orbs can now be crafted with an expensive recipe as well.
  • Warhulks are not destroyed by water but move at extremely slow speed.
  • Warhulks figurines, except the funhulk, cannot be carried around without overburdening. They need to be transported in mounts or strongboxes.
  • Warhulks each have a very specific role in which they are very efficient.

Spider Scarabs:

  • Does bonus damages against other vehicles.
  • Does next-to-no damage against buildings.
  • Does limited damage to players.
  • As fast and maneuverable than a fast mount.
  • Anti vehicle role.


  • Does bonus damages against players.
  • Does no damages to buildings or vehicles.
  • As fast as a normal mount.
  • Less maneuverable.
  • Anti infantry role.

Battle Ark:

  • Does average damages to everything.
  • Goes as fast as a sprinting player, but not very maneuverable
  • Has two upgrade slots that may contain:
    • Healing chant orbs.
    • Buffing chant orbs (all three hastes).
    • Strongbox slots.
  • Support and resupply role.
  • May be used as an heavy armored caravan.


  • Does bonus damages against buildings.
  • Static canon still do more damages, but they can’t move.
  • Does moderate damages to everything else.
  • Goes as fast as a sprinting player but not maneuverable.
  • Mobile Artillery role.

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