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Darkfall: New Dawn – in 6 lines

Had fun with Darkfall Online? Come play to Darkfall: New Dawn!
French startup Ub3rgames took over the old and beloved buggy game and unleashed/released a new and revamped version, targeting both the veteran and new gamers.

You’re always swinging between PVE and PVP? You mainly focus on spreading your army or growing your wealth? Come and play! Create your guild, explore Agon 1024km². Make your own path.
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Darkfall: New Dawn – in 10 dates

  • 2001 – August: Norwegian studio Razorwax announces the development of the game Darkfall
  • 2002 – October: Greek studio Aventurine integrates Razorwax team to develop Darkfall
  • 2009 – February: Aventurine studio releases Darkfall Online
  • 2012 – November 15: The official Darkfall servers close
  • 2016 – February 2: Darkfall licence is officially acquired by Ub3rgames under the name Darkfall: New Dawn
  • 2016 – May 24: First Patch
  • 2016 – June 28: Darkfall: New Dawn indev_ server is officially launched as the free stress test
  • 2016 – August 16: Darkfall: Dawn indev_server is now a closed beta
  • 2016 – November 15-25 : free stress test period
  • 2018 – January 26: Release!

Darkfall: New Dawn – in 10 figures

  • 43: released patches
  • 65: Indev versions
  • 98: holdings to conquer
  • 234: QA versions
  • 1024: Km² world (395,37mi²) and eaten baguettes
  • 24,969: members on the forum
  • 27,400: unique website visitors since launch.
  • 138,266: posts on the forum
  • 1: big dream of an amazing game reaching its full potential!

UB3RGAMES – in 4 lines

Born in 2015, Ub3rgames is a young French startup founded by talented developers who wanted to combine their passion of video games with their professional skills. They believe they can provide the best of both worlds and design outstanding games with players in mind.A better world should be a world full of swords, monsters, and croissants! Touché!
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What's different between DFO & DND in an infographic


Logo DND (original version)
Logo DND (with black background)
Logo DND (white version)
Logo Ub3rgames (original version)
Logo Ub3rgames (with white background)
Logo Ub3rgames (white version)




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