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2 months subscription

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3.5 months subscription
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7 months subscription
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12 months subscription
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Purchasing a subscription unlocks access to the game. Any applicable VAT/GST included.
Beware, these special offers are only valid while inDev_ lasts!

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inDev_ and release versions
And why you should start playing now:

First play inDev_ version

  • For all Darkfall veterans who were waiting all these years before being able to play again! You can now play an even better Darkfall without waiting for the final launched version.
  • Meditation point system: they increase while you are not connected. They can be used to boost skills, abilities, and offline traits. But players can also use them to contribute to the clan, like an online version of volunteering and community work.
  • Shake the rust and learn the new game mechanics. Darkfall: New Dawn is already quite different from the Darkfall you knew: knowledge is power! Choose your clan, race, and locations wisely and get the best out of them!
  • If you play during the InDev period you will keep you territory at release. Prepare for the showdown!

Then switch to Release version

  • You will carry over your character name, clan, and any unspent meditation points (Be aware that all your character attributes and your bank account will be reset).
  • Holdings still belong to the same InDev clan - be aware all previously built cities and hamlets will be wiped out.
  • You will save on the more expensive price of the final version.
  • You will have already joined New Dawn pole position.