What is Darkfall: New Dawn ?

  • Darkfall Online is an MMORPG released in 2009 and got shut down in 2012.
  • Darkfall: New Dawn is a licensing project rebooting the original game and improving
    its functionalities until it reaches its full potential.

Darkfall: New Dawn will stay true to the dream that was sold before the original launch, while picking up the good aspects of what the game ended up being years later.
Our goal is to create a meaningful empire building game, where sandbox features and PvP are just tools to an end.

Darkfall Online boasts impressive technology, providing large scale battles with projectile calculation and player collisions in a seamless open world.


True Action Combat

Most of the game is played in first person view, for archery and magic, and a close third person view for melee combat. It has naval combat, mounted combat and an heroic fantasy version of tanks.
You could compare Darkfall to an MMOFPS, but with a living, breathing, virtual world.

Characters in Darkfall are completely free of restrictions. This is a game without classes that offered a multitude of skills and spells that increased with use and let players feel the limit of their own abilities. There are no mages, warriors or rangers, only combatants that use whatever tools they can to reach victory.

Large Scale Warfare

And victory is of the utmost importance, as Darkfall is an open PvP full loot game, where equipment pieces are consumable commodities rather than a traditional “best in slot”. War in Agon is just as much about economy than it is about fame and glory.

Darkfall pits three asymmetric racial alliances over the control of Agon. In traditional heroic fantasy fashion, the Humans, Elves and Dwarves are allies. Against them are the Orks and Mahirims, a race of wolfmen. And finally, standing alone, are the cave dwelling creations of a living god: the Alfars.
This racial war aspect, and the alignment system, balances the harshness of the world, as you almost always find shelter amongst your kin.

However, where Darkfall shines the most is in its conquest and clan driven political system. The game is comprised of capturable holdings and villages where players can create a home and influence the day to day lives of each other through war, alliances, sieges and trade.
A lot of these features were at the first step of implementation and aside from the combat aspect, Darkfall was rather incomplete. New Dawn will finish and expand Darkfall to make it the ultimate empire building game, but also a game where players can act as their own agent and have meaningful daily activities.

A day in Darkfall: New Dawn

  • Gather / craft / trade / profit. (economic improvements)
  • Socialize and play mini games. (villages and charged buffs)
  • Accomplish quests, fight monsters or unlock new titles to improve your character. (title system)
  • PvE alone because you have no friends, and may make some at spawns. (spawn scaling)
  • You do have friends, and they are connected, call them, and try to find a semi safe spawn to farm together.
  • Or do some questing to gain meditation points for when you sleep or in the unlikely event your real life is not too boring.
  • Or go hunt “boss” mobs, like krakens and dragons.
  • You have enough for a full group, go PvE on hotspot spawns. (wild nodes)
  • Or even go do incursion by killing enemy farmers in their racial lands.
  • Or go siege a loaded tax collector for some PvP. (watchtowers)
  • You could always conquer objectives in racial wars, gain commission and trade it for gold/meditation points/gear. (commission points)
  • Hey wait a minute the village your medium sized clan is controlling goes live soon, so you get ready for that. Conserve that steady trickle of loot in your clan vault and some meditation points for your clan members. (villages)
  • A seatower is coming live soon, you were ready for some booty, but you ended up with a sunk ship and getting killed by sharks because you didn’t bring escape rafts. (naval combat)
  • Someone in your clan has a deal to sell regional resources to the other side of the world: form a caravan and help out to gain back the price of the ship. (caravans)
  • You are now stuck on the other side of the world, but you still have a boat and/or plenty of mounts: get back towards home while doing a trade route. (trade routes)
  • Your clan/alliance has a lot of people connected:
    • Go make a difference in racial war. (warfronts)
    • If your faction is wining the racial war, go kill the demon. (center dungeon)
    • Or raid an enemy holding. (raid stones)
    • Or attack their watchtowers to push the front line enough to start a siege. (sieges and war)
    • Try to hunt multiple krakens spawns or the mighty frost dragon.

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