What we’re fixing : secondary flaws

Secondary flaws are those issues we intend to fix with New Dawn but are not so grandiose as to permeate the entire game.
These are more like quality of life fixes and re-balancing rather than creating new systems. They are also those technical issues that remained untouched for months on end.


This is self explanatory. Darkfall was impressive back in 2009 with its sieges and great performances for what it provided, but we believe there is room for improvement. Once we see the codebase, we’ll see what we can improve and refactor.

And despite the nostalgia it provides, we’ll try to tackle the loadlag issue. Yes, having a player radar was a fun oddity, but it was the source of a lot of issues and needs to be fixed.


Darkfall has an interesting set of races, but unfortunately they are functionally too similar to be interesting gameplay wise. We’ll be working on differentiating them at multiple levels in order to make every engagement unique and play style be a factor in choosing a race.
Mahirim four legged mode incoming.


This was exploitable and had very little purpose or failsafes. We will work to get the blue status and red status to actually mean something in game. This will contribute to resolve some of our main flaws, but was important enough to have a separate mention.


As a logical conclusion to the two previous points, we want racial wars to actually exist in game. Some of our fondest memories of the original launch were of getting raided by enemy races and fighting back with other inhabitants of NPC cities.

Racial wars are an invaluable tool to offer entry level PvP and get newer players hooked on the game and feel part of a community.


Aside from the  bragging rights, their geographical position and their specific nodes, player holdings were often not valuable enough in our opinion. We want to make them worth fighting for and provide an appropriate return on investment.

New Dawn will turn holdings in social hubs where players can do trading, crafting, training and just socialize all day long.

We’ll also add more customization. For instance, choosing the racial style of the buildings or havin slots for new buildings we’ll implement alongside new mechanics.



This is something we always wanted to see in the game in order to promote trade and emergent gameplay. The tools were always there and we are certain that just a few tweaks would make it work. It has been done before, and it would translate well in Agon.


For this, we have trade routes and player housing in mind. Both can be great tools for materials and gold sinks and provide daily activities to players.

We also think that the meditation system could have a use in order to encourage players to work together and just come online often enough to maintain it.

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